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A Little Respect - Integrity Moments - October 22

  • 2018 Oct 22

A Little Respect

In my first job as a commercial lender, one of my responsibilities was to occasionally work on Saturday mornings. My first several Saturday’s were boring with no loan requests. 

However, one Saturday morning something else came up, so I just didn’t show up for work. Monday morning my boss firmly rebuked me and stated what the consequences would be in the future if I missed work again.

My boss’ firm rebuke increased my respect for him. I begged his forgiveness and realized he deserved my respect in the future.

1 Peter 2:18 teaches, “Servants, be submissive to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and gentle but also to those who are unreasonable.”

Whether your boss is kind or unreasonable, God says to show them respect.

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