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Crazy As Me?

  • 2013 Jan 29

Today I was at a loss for a song for this week’s devotional. So I decided to fire up the trusty iPod, hit the shuffle button and write about the first song that cued up. God has a sense of humor. The iPod landed on Alison Krause and Union Station. Alison Krause has a voice like an angel. She is an artist that I can listen to no matter what my mood might be. But the sense of humor part comes in when the shuffle feature selected the song Crazy as Me.

The lyrics are talking about a series of failed relationships but the lyric that Alison Krause sings that relates to me are these words.

Some folks seem to think I only got one problem
I can't find nobody as crazy as me

There are some drive-by readers that are pretty sure I have more than one problem but let’s put them aside for a while. I laughed when this song came up because I often feel that way in my journey with Jesus. Am I missing something here? Does my messy walk with Jesus make me a bad Christian? Or does my willingness to be honest about my weakness give me a chance not to be a bad Christian? In truth, the bottom line of real Christianity is that we should all seem a little crazy if we are really following the teachings of Jesus.

I don’t mean drooling crazy. I am talking about doing things that make no sense to the world.

  • The world says to look out for number one. Jesus says to look out for the least of these.
  • The world says to spend time with those who can help you advance. Jesus says to spend time with the poor and weak who can do nothing to make you more successful or reach your goals.
  • The world says that the one with the most toys wins. Jesus says the one with most treasures stored in heaven wins.
  • The world says get even and exact revenge. Jesus says to love your enemies and (I hate this one) pray for those who persecute.
  • The world is fearful of disease, the future, the economy. Jesus says to not worry about tomorrow.
  • The world says to build your financial security and you will be happy. Jesus says to build on the solid rock or your happiness won’t sustain the storms of life.
  • The world evaluates us by our title, power, and stuff. Jesus evaluates us by our fruit.

So I guess if we actually live this counter-cultural lifestyle the world will think we are crazy.  Paul acknowledged that to the church at Corinth.

The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. (I Corinthians 2, NIV)

Foolishness. I used to think exactly that about the crazy Jesus people. Now I praying to be as crazy as them. Who knew? And here is the exciting news. Everyday I am finding more followers of Jesus who want to be authentic and full of grace. Forgiving and selfless. That is the way I desire to represent Jesus to my world. And there is nothing crazy about that.

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