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Trust You

  • 2012 Mar 05

            I have been doing a lot of thinking, studying and praying about what it means to trust God. So when a song by Brandon Heath called “Trust You” cued up on the iPod during the morning walk I knew I had my weekly topic selected.

            The opening lyrics talk about needing to be in control of every situation. Are any of you relating to this already?

I can't walk without watching where I'm going
I can't speak without knowing what to say
I can't love and have any hesitation
Cause I know that you don't work that way

            I think I have understood what trust means as a noun. I am trying to understand what it means as a verb. My friends at Truefaced say it very well.

Knowing truth does not transform you. Trusting truth transforms you.

            I have seen some of the most brilliant scholars show virtually no evidence of the truth that they know better than almost everyone. And I have experienced the power the Holy Spirit gave a woman with a sixth grade education who painstakingly read God’s Word but trusted it completely. That woman was my grandmother and her life first taught me about grace. I suspect that the majority of my meager ministry credits will go to her account.

            Please back away from the keyboard. I know how important it is to study and know God’s truth. But not trusting that truth negates its’ power. This prayerful exhortation from Paul overflows with encouragement.

I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15, NLT)

               God wants me to completely trust Him with all of me. A sincere comment from a recent blog came to mind. The writer said that “the primary focus of our Christianity is pleasing God”. That seems to make sense and that is what I lived for years. But I am learning that my primary focus should be trusting God and that is what pleases Him. What can I do to please God? Scripture tells me that faith pleases God. In Hebrews we read that without faith it is impossible to please God.

            But I would rather do stuff to try and earn His favor. If I take that path I can maintain a little control. When I choose to simply trust God I get scared. I want to hold back a little (or a large) percentage. We have been taught a theology that God rewards us based on our deeds. Read carefully. I am not saying that we should do nothing. I am saying that my deeds flow out of trusting God, allowing Him to love me even in my “as is” condition. My deeds flow out of worshiping Jesus for paying the price to make me righteous before a Holy God. My deeds flow out of peace as the Holy Spirit fills my heart with comfort. My deeds flow of gratitude to a Savior who suffered the Cross for me. I spent three decades trying to do good deeds to access what I already had been given the first day I trusted Christ. I spent years trying to earn gifts that simply needed to be unwrapped. So I have reached a point after many tiring years that I can sing Brandon Heath’s lyrics and mean them most of the time and that, for this stubborn Christian, is a HUGE improvement.

I'm not gonna fight you anymore
Not gonna try to lock the door
You took your life and gave me yours

There's no reason why
I shouldn't trust you with mine

            The ability to trust is entirely dependent on the object of the trust. I have found God to be trustworthy through many trials and storms. I have been the one holding up this trust relationship. Brandon sums it up nicely with a bit of the chorus.

That I must now surrender
There's no other way

            If I may expound on that just a bit. There’s no other way that works as a follower of Jesus.


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