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New Life daily devotion - June 2, 2011

  • 2011 Jun 02


In Times of Uncertainty, Trust God’s Timing
I waited patiently for the LORD;
And He inclined to me, and heard my cry.
Psalm 40:1 

The Bible teaches us to trust God’s timing in all matters, but we are sorely tempted to do otherwise, especially when times are tough. When we are beset with problems, we are understandably anxious for a quick conclusion to our hardships. We know that our problems will end some day, and we want it to end NOW. God, however, works on His own timetable, and His schedule does not always coincide with ours.

God’s plans are perfect; ours most certainly are not. So we must learn to trust the Father in good times and hard times. No exceptions.

Elisabeth Elliot advised, “We must learn to move according to the timetable of the Timeless One, and to be at peace.” And Billy Graham observed, “As we wait on God, He helps us use the winds of adversity to soar above our problems.”

So today, as you face the uncertainties of everyday life, do your best to turn everything over to God. Whatever “it” is, He can handle it. And you can be sure that He will handle it when the time is right. 

Will not the Lord’s time be better than your time?
- C. H. Spurgeon

By His wisdom, He orders His delays so that they prove to be far better than our hurries.
- C. H. Spurgeon

Waiting on God brings us to the journey’s end quicker than our feet.
- Mrs. Charles E. Cowman

God is in no hurry. Compared to the works of mankind, He is extremely deliberate. God is not a slave to the human clock.
- Charles Swindoll

Today’s Prayer
Dear Lord, Your timing is seldom my timing, but Your timing is always right for me. You are my Father, and You have a plan for my life that is grander than I can imagine. When I am impatient, remind me that You are never early or late. You are always on time, Lord, so let me trust in You . . . always. Amen


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