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New Life Daily Devotion - October 18, 2011

  • 2011 Oct 18


Real Repentance
I preached that they should repent and turn to God
and prove their repentance by their deeds.
Acts 26:20 NIV

Who among us has sinned? All of us. But the good news is this: When we do ask God’s forgiveness and turn our hearts to Him, He forgives us absolutely and completely.

Genuine repentance requires more than simply offering God apologies for our misdeeds. Real repentance may start with feelings of sorrow and remorse, but it ends only when we turn away from the sin that has heretofore distanced us from our Creator. In truth, we offer our most meaningful apologies to God, not with our words, but with our actions. As long as we are still engaged in sin, we may be “repenting,” but we have not fully “repented.” So, if there is an aspect of your life that is distancing you from your God, ask for His forgiveness, and— just as importantly—stop sinning. Now.

Repentance is the first conscious movement of the soul away from sin and toward God. - Sam Jones, 100 Days of Prayer

Repentance involves a radical change of heart and mind in which we agree with God’s evaluation of our sin and then take specific action to align ourselves with His will. - Henry Blackaby

True repentance is admitting that what God says is true, and that because it is true, we change our minds about our sins and about the Savior. - Warren Wiersbe

Repentance becomes a way of life, a lifelong process of turning towards the Holy One, that happens one day at a time. - Trevor Hudson

Today’s Prayer
When I stray from Your commandments, Lord, I must not only confess my sins, I must also turn from them. When I fall short, help me to change. Forgive my sins, Dear Lord, and help me live according to Your plan for my life. Your plan is perfect, Father; I am not. Let me trust in You. Amen


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