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Night Whispers - July 18

  • 2020 Jul 18

Night Whispers Devotional

July 18th

Dream word – LIFE

Psalm 10:14

“To you the helpless commits himself; you have been the helper of the fatherless.”  ESV

Fighting for life

The telephone rings and the Father begins the awkward conversation with his son. Apparently, the girl is pregnant and not a believer in God. However, she has chosen life, she has chosen to keep the baby and she won’t even be tested for Downs Syndrome; indeed, no offer or hint of a quick end to this very personal problem is even contemplated. The father is angry, disappointed but nevertheless, impressed and thankful for the fact that life has been chosen and chosen in the face of great difficulty, for the new family has no roof, no job and no prospects in the new city they have moved to. Life with all its difficulties has been chosen. Now what?

They are together. At least for today, who knows what the future will hold. Will the pressures of want, push them even closer or drive them further apart? Thinking about the question the father thinks he already knows the answer for joy and want, are only good neighbours in the movies; real life is not soft and cuddly, it is like a meat cleaver to any relationship that is birthed on the financial chopping block; it is sharp and dreadfully divisive. Surely they know this? Yet despite all its inherent difficulties, life has still been chosen. Now what?

The thought crosses the Father’s mind as to how much easier it would have been to get an abortion. A simple procedure, some repentance at a later date maybe, you know, when they’ve got on their feet a bit, maybe got a job, a place to live, a steady income, spent some time getting to know one another. The father is feeling guilty that such a thought should ever cross his mind but his heart and wallet are already hurting. However, despite the pain, life has been chosen with all its difficulties, with all its baggage, with all its financial burdens, all its late nights, all its cumbersome meetings with angry future “in laws;” yes life, with all its ducking and all its diving, all its mess and bloody surviving. Life has been chosen. Good grief! Now What?

Common and confusing, culturally mixed messages don’t make choosing life easy. Society at large is living in the land of contradiction, spending millions each year on heart transplants and launching helicopters and lifeboats to rescue rich blondes and their prancing poodles who having spilled their  “champers” on shiny new decks, have slipped off tall yachts around the Isle of Wight on Cowes week! Whilst at the same time, to save a few bob and a few bucks, we are pulling the plug on those wrinklies of the bed wetting variety, that have become an ever growing burden and rancid smell on the rest of polite and hard working society; and to mix it up just a little more, if a sad man, a bad man, a mad man, attacks a pregnant mother and the child in her womb is lost, then that same mug is in prison for manslaughter; whilst, if the mother should decide, with sterile suction and long sharp knitting needles to terminate and poke out the life of her own son or daughter in the warm but now salt ridden waters of her womb, she shall be cosseted and caressed for doing “the wise and selfless thing!” Even the doctor who slips out the head of the sad vagina before scissor slicing the back of the babies neck with surgical shears, and in the so doing is paid for severing the spine of the future before a cry is heard, well even that doctor is honoured and thanked. Its alright, we’ve renamed the child as ‘Feoutus, Embryo, Not yet human, Garbage, Scientific materiel, Saviour Sibling.’ Anything but baby.

Society is sick and this devilish disinformation is meant to confuse the possessors of life to grotesquely, for personal comfort, societies ease and prudent and practical cost cutting, give up the same, you know, babies, children, life and future, give them up without a fight! It is a miracle then, when amidst all this confusion, amidst the lies and disarray, people still choose life! Hip hip hip hooray!!!

Pastors must rejoice at such choices and one day at a time, must journey such life into He who is the light of life, the only God eternal, our Lord and lovely Saviour, Jesus the Christ. More than ever the charge of the shepherd is to grow up and engender a loving and living community of the saints that can righteously and graciously walk in truth and love, humility and mercy before the unwashed and the seemingly unashamed. God help the church and the society who are the subject of the cries and complaints of those unmarried mothers who have chosen life, and of their subsequent and fatherless little offspring, who have asked for help with life and got no help at all! For I tell you the truth, God will take up their case of life, even if we refuse to. In all practicality, the Church of God must now fight for life!

Listen: “You shall not mistreat any widow or fatherless child. If you do mistreat them, and they cry out to me, I will surely hear their cry, and my wrath will burn, and I will kill you with the sword, and your wives shall become widows and your children fatherless.” - Exodus 22:22-24  ESV

Pray: Lord, teach us how to stand with those who choose life. In Jesus name we ask it, amen.

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