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Night Whispers - July 31

  • 2020 Jul 31

Night Whispers Devotional

July 31st

Dream word – WISDOM

Genesis 1:27, 28a

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. Then God blessed them” --- NKJV

Down the transsexual toilets

In my first of three thoughts on sexuality, tonight I would like to focus on the rising problem of sexual identity issues, especially amongst young boys, which is on an ever–steepening, rising curve. The advance in medical technology and expertise has made physical re-alignment surgery increasingly common. Indeed, sex-change surgery has become such a speciality of the Thai health industry, that it has become a relatively inexpensive procedure; so much so that patients are travelling there from all over the world to get the operation. As I write today in 2008, the challenge for the country of Thailand is that up to 20% of boys in their secondary schools, some as young as twelve years of age, are so camping in it up in school and talking about their plans to get transgender surgery as soon as they are legally allowed, that the school authorities have built a third set of toilets, such that now, the schools have male, female and transsexual toilets.

A Thai campaigner for transgender rights, male to female, commenting on the rising weirdness, remarked that, “Maybe the numbers of gays, of people with sexual identity issues, might be the same as in other countries but because Thai society and culture tend to be very sweet, very soft, and the men can be really feminine, if we tend to be gay, many of us tend to be transgender.” Interesting.

On the whole, I believe that it is our fallen society, which through its manipulation of mass media, both generates these unnatural tendencies and then continually propagates the growth of these unnatural inclinations by political means, legal means, and further cultural manipulation which all go to foster an atmosphere of acceptance. Meanwhile, with this literal emasculation of society, diseases such as AIDS and the marketed dis-ease of male pattern stupidity, together with the subsequent destruction of family life, all take us ever closer to the precipice of moral madness, the decimation of society and ultimate population destruction. Yes, it is a serious as that.

The church now has to face the financial cost of political correctness and growing legal challenges. If it does not, then it to shall go the way of camp old Cain and mince its way into utter feminisation. The Anglican and Episcopalian denominations in 2009 are a present picture of this and make no mistake about it, the coming and long overdue complete Anglican split, is not so much about the authority of Scripture as we are led to believe by embarrassed conservatives that have not had the bottle to get out of this religious Sodom, but rather, it is about sexual infiltration in the church and cultural manipulation of by homosexuals with an agenda.

Even so, grace and truth must sleep together, for they are marriage partners. Therefore, just  how does a church graciously minister to those folks from a country where 20% of the population and rising, have had their todgers tacked back, and through hormones and surgery, have grown a couple of breasts? Indeed, how will the church in the U.K. and the U.S.A. minister to “lady boys” and “fem men” in our own countries! It’s an ever-increasing problem that’s for sure, for there is no coming back from the hormone and scalpel train wreck, which is transgender surgery. We need to really think this through as we reach out to our fellow sinners with God’s love.

We now live in an age where women are men and boys are frightened. If you are a Christian tonight, then you have to help shape and formulate in the wisest of ways, legal plans and practical protection for your congregational futures and finances. More than that, somehow we all need to learn how to preach the Gospel to people who have travelled the transsexual road and try and imagine the shape and direction of a journey of sanctification and spiritual recovery which they will have to undertake. My goodness, we need the anarchy of God’s grace to come and sort out this most agonizing of messes. I’m sure you agree with that!

Listen: You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.” ( Leviticus 18:22-23 NKJV.)

Pray: Lord, we need wisdom. Lord, we need grace. Lord, we need protection. Lord, we need men to men and women to be women and strong models for both. Have mercy upon us O God and assist us to walk with great grace and great truth in these most complicated of matters. In Jesus name, we ask it, amen.

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