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Night Whispers - July 8

  • 2020 Jul 08

Night Whispers Devotional

July 8th

Dream word – INSPIRE

Revelation 1:17, 18

“Do not be afraid; I am the first and the last.  I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of death.” NKJV.

Real yeast for the bread of victory

By the summer of 1942, the Allies were in trouble throughout the whole of Europe. The German attack in “Operation Barbarossa” had pushed the Russians far back into their own land and much of western Europe, seemed to be in the full control of the Nazis. In the battle of the Atlantic, German U-boats were having a major effect on the supplying of Britain and the war, which was being fought in the desert of North Africa, was slipping through the Allied hands like the dry desert sand.  Indeed, if the Afrika Korps under Rommel had ever got to the Suez, it would have broken the arms of the Allie’s supply routes. The psychological and factual blow of losing the Suez Canal to the Nazis would have been incalculable, especially as this would have given them near enough free access to all the oil in the Middle East.

The bottle-neck battle of El Alamein then, was to be the last stand for the Allies in North Africa. Though the leader of the German forces on the ground, Field Marshal Rommel, was much respected by even the Allied forces, the Allie’s very own commander, Auchinleck, was not!  On top of this, thus far in the war, Winston Churchill being without even one victory to his name faced the threat of a vote of “no confidence” in the British parliament. Auchinleck then, was speedily replaced with a well-tried leader and popular, leader. Well, at least popular amongst the troops, if not amongst his peers! The new General was described as being, “As quick as a ferret and about as likeable!”  Nevertheless, by ensuring the co-operation of all arms at his command, including the air force, coupled with the use of first-class logistical back-up and the issuing of clear-cut orders, the ferret engendered  great morale which was the force that turned the war around! Just before the Battle of El Alamein, he met privately with his commanding officers and encouraged and motivated them by saying:

Here we will stand and fight.
There will be no further withdrawal. I have orders,  that all plans and instruction dealing with further withdrawal are to be burnt, and at once!
The great point to remember is that we’re going to finish with this chap Rommel once and for all, It will be quite easy. There’s no doubt about it,
he’s definitely a nuisance. Therefore we will hit him a crack and finish him.

“Monty”- 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein.

If you are a leader, then communication, organisation, co-ordination and clarity of objective are vital in achieving any victory. However, all of these vital ingredients of victory will be like trying to bake bread without yeast if you have not got the ability to inspire the confidence in the achievement of your objective. The Ferret had the ability to inject the yeast of inspiration into his commanding officers and his troops and that my friends, made all the difference in the world! Indeed, it is said that once Monty took charge of his 8th Army, the dessert rats, they had hardly no sickness or absenteeism whatsoever. Imagine that!

The last book of the Bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ, is the yeast that makes the bread of life. Christ’s victory, His majestic Lordship, His all conquering capacity is clearly and awesomely portrayed before our open ears and open mouths! So, if you are in need of inspiration tonight, inspiration tomorrow and inspiration on your third day, then read the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ and once you’ve done that, read it again! For without this yeast of inspiration, there shall be no rising in your life!

Listen: “Then he said to me, ‘These words are faithful and true.’ And the Lord God of the holy prophets sent His angel to show His servants the things which must shortly take place.  ‘Behold, I am coming quickly! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.’” - Revelation 22:6-7 NKJV

Pray: Lord, I “knead” inspiration tonight! So, teach me how to delight myself in Your majestic greatness, for it is in Your magnificent name I ask it, amen.

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