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Night Whispers - May 10

  • 2020 May 10

Night Whispers Devotional

May 10th

Dream word – DELIVERANCE

Acts 10:38-39

“How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.” NKJV 

Do you have demons in your drawers?

I take “the demonisation of the Christian,” to mean that there are times when the enemy has a certain freedom of expression within and through us, rather than a full and rancorous evil possession of us. Remember, a squatter may inhabit the abode but he does not possess it, especially if the owner legally contests the “infestation.”. Having said that, I wonder if sometimes that demonic “excitement,” that expression of demonisation if you will, is sometimes so overwhelmingly powerful, especially when it is legally contested, that it appears like a full possession and that there may very well be supernatural manifestations as well as unusual and natural ones around the areas of eviction? So, I am suggesting then that in the Christian, the demonic may be given a freedom of expression, an opportunity to exploit any of the many openings which we have allowed them, invited them into, or which through generational curse agreements they have rights to. I think we might categorise these windows of demonic opportunity in three ways as, allowable exploitation, invitational exploitation and generational exploitation. 

Allowable exploitation. Exploitation is of course the use and mostly the misuse of others for personal gain. Another word for this is slavery. Every bit of us must be yielded to Christ and not to the devil. Our choices in objects, our choices in media, our choices in relationships, our choices in working practices, our choices in verbal declaration, our choices in anything, either open or close windows of opportunity for either unrighteousness and darkness or holiness and light. So look at some of your choices, look at some of the repercussions of your choices and if they are sinful, then get rid of them, break them, change them, even close them down. Wherever there is a repeat price tag or a sowing and reaping price tag attached to such sinful choices, then you may well have to find the seed of it and remove it from your ground to stop all that “peskiness” continuing. Where such exploitation has been allowed, you must work hard to disallow it and negate it.

Invitational exploitation. Many of us, in both words and action have found sources of power, sources of temporary satisfaction and sources of fascination, in people, practices and places of every kind. Our first free imbibing, and then often, our continued and surreptitious sipping of these often sinful energy sources, is I am afraid, a clear invitation to darkness to come in and continue its own exploitation of you! You must stop the surreptitious sipping of these sinful sources of power, satisfaction and fascination. Deny them, fry them and pound them into powder. If you do not, then you invite trouble into your life.

Generational exploitation. The human story is one of generational connectedness, even all the way back to Adam. The curse of the broken law and a multitude of other curses, are played out daily in our lives. We mightn’t like this, yet our dislike of these facts does not negate the presence and power of a seeming, generational right of exploitation given to the darkness. May I simply say tonight, that where generational patterns of problems are perceived, it is worth simply asking God the Holy Spirit to guide you in prayers of acknowledged confession, righteous repentance and the ruin and running off of those problems which have been previously allowed to have there generational way in you. The old adage of “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck,” is well used in area of discernment of these kinds of generational issues.

In conclusion, may I say that you may have a very large and fine dressing table filled to overflowing with the most beautiful of clothing. Yet, it is possible for some of the drawers to be inhabited by the demonic. Are some of your drawers rattling tonight?

Finally, know tonight, that squatters, allowed, invited, or with previous generational rights, never leave without some form of contest of that now removed, allowed, invited and previous exploitation and occupation right. Slave owners and all those other exploiters of persons for their own selfish and protective gain, always turn nasty when robbed of their chattel. Always. Nevertheless, a thorough, complete and gentle removal of any infestation can be done without damage to the property, and then yes indeed, the filling up of that fumigated person or  place with all good things, can actually replace the previous reputation of any house of ill repute, into that of being an honoured places of perfumed loveliness, even a worthy castle of anointed Knighthood.

Listen: “Jesus said, ‘Tell that fox that I've no time for him right now. Today and tomorrow I'm busy clearing out the demons and healing the sick; the third day I'm wrapping things up.’” (Luke 13:32-33 The Message)

Pray: Lord, I declare that I am on the Great King’s Highway and have no time or space for our enemy. I belong to You Lord Jesus! Indeed, I honour only You Lord Jesus Christ. So, let Your angels camp around my place of rest and grant me full protection this very night. Lord, forgive me please my many personal sins, and the sins of all my generational line, for truly, we have been a rebellious family and we have served other gods. Consequently, all our evil deeds had separated us from You and brought calamity to our generations, our guilt and our iniquities are all way beyond our measure, being piled up high before You. I confess and ask you Lord, to forgive my family line and myself for all previous actions, declarations and destructions brought upon me and my family, both by myself and by my fathers, and that by asking this in the heavenlies,  I so do renounce any and all generational sins and curses on myself and on the family that You gave me. As a Holy subject, as a Royal priest, I place them right now, under the precious blood of Jesus and ask You Lord for gentle yet thorough, calm but complete eviction of every foul thing that touches me and mine and that You would also grant me, a new generational inheritance of health and freedom and all the spiritual blessings which are in Christ Jesus, for both myself, my family, and the generations that might follow us. To darkness and to demons then, in the mighty name of Jesus I say break! Loose! Leave! Be bound and never to return, or even sniff around the fullness, which is now my Saviours, Jesus Christ my Lord, amen.”

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