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Night Whispers - September 30

  • 2019 Sep 30

Night Whispers Devotional

September 30th

Dream word – DIG

Job 28:7

“There is a path which no fowl knoweth, and which the vulture's eye hath not seen” KJV

The Honking Questioning of Blind Birds

Tonight, the geese arrived.

In North America, the transition of the seasons from summer to winter is heralded in cacophonic announcement, by the arrival of those curl tipped winged and honking hoards, who, as chatty winners at an old ladies’ bingo club, slide elegantly down the invisible banisters of the air and take their place in seats of water, cold and silver in the setting sun. The Canada geese have come to town, carrying their annual message in all their barking bills.

It is said, that the skies of the promised land were often darkened by the rising smoke of millions of burnt sacrificial offerings. Of course, all the offal from this daily carnage would have been thrown away, making Israel a continual 24-hour all you can eat buffet, for the sharp clawed raptors that scratched the air for blood. The other birds, the vegan varieties of fowl, the democratic doves of peaceful destinies, even to this day, eschew, rebuff and hold in great contempt, all the red flagged hawks of the republics of running blood. These two birds do not mix. These two birds do not talk to one another, make no deals, have no real fellowship, but from two distinct aerial perspectives, these birds quite simply get on with their jobs, seeing in detail, even from the heights of the whirling skies above, all their destinies and dishes, the raptors always beholding by bright and zoomed in focus, their prey at prayer, either scurrying across the earth, or swimming in the waters, maybe even lying and waiting to be plucked like grass, from the smoothed out rocks, gowned with glowing green, hid beneath the dancing surface of many a giggling brook. These birds always see their meals from afar.

You see, most birds whether those with monocular or binocular vision, have eyes that are flatter than human eyes and it is this flatness, that allows birds of both perspective, even the hawk and the dove, to have a much larger area in focus, whilst we more rounded and human individuals, focus on a much, much smaller area. In other words, birds see far better than we do! However, our text for tonight says, even to these far and better sited fowl, “Precious pathways, beneath the furnace earth, full of rubied treasures, lay hidden from even their more full and far focused sight.”

Some of us will hunt upon the surface of our souls, some of us will scavenge and feed upon the offal of other men’s sacrifice, some of us will play a life of bingo, occasionally dipping our heads beneath the surface of the shimmering silvers, to graze on green and pluck the unseen harvest from the winter coated rocks, which lay shivering in the dark. However, some us will stop the grasping and the grazing, the occasional dipping into the deep and go and dig for ourselves treasure from beneath the surface of the earth. Yes, some of us will dig for victory even though we cannot see it from above. Yes, some of us will become treasure hunters.

Tonight the geese arrived, carrying a message in their honking bills, “Time is passing,”they said. “Another year has gone,”they said. Show us the treasures that only you can find,”they said, “Show us the burning eyes of sapphire that we can never see, show us the long streaked silver and the shining of the yellowed sun gold, show us,”they said, “show us all the treasures of darkness which you have plucked from far beneath all the air circled earth, this long year passed.”

So my friends as autumn begins to take its grip and winter follows hard on its red and orange coat tails, just what hidden pathways have you pursued this year. What treasures have you plucked out from the recesses of your mind, from the caves of your soul and the depths of your spirit? What treasures have you found from all the mining in the very heart of your being? What treasure trove have you found hidden beneath your earth? What have you gotten from your mines and distilled from the smelters hot refining fire?

Listen: “Surely there is a mine for silver, And a place where gold is refined. Iron is taken from the earth, And copper is smelted from ore. Man puts an end to darkness, And searches every recess For ore in the darkness and the shadow of death. He breaks open a shaft away from people; In places forgotten by feet They hang far away from men; They swing to and fro. As for the earth, from it comes bread, But underneath it is turned up as by fire; Its stones are the source of sapphires, And it contains gold dust. That path no bird knows, Nor has the falcon's eye seen it.” - Job 28:1-7 NKJV

Pray: Lord, lead me to the mines, lead me to work, lead me to hidden pathways, lead me to all the secret treasures, hidden beneath my earth. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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