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Offerings - Powered by 4 - December 14

  • 2018 Dec 14

Friday, December 14


Today's reading: John 12:1-8

In this Christmas season with its heavy focus on gifts and presents, the affirming gift-giving to Jesus in today's passage drew my attention. With the Passover (and Jesus's crucifixion) just a few days away, Jesus and the disciples come to Bethany where they connect with Lazarus and his family.

Lazarus, Martha and Mary all show their respect, gratitude and great love for Jesus through various offerings. They provide, prepare and serve an evening meal, they make time to grow closer to Jesus, and Mary brings Jesus expensive nard ointment and personally anoints Him with it.

What do your offerings to Jesus typically look like? Do you give financially (tithe) on a regular basis? Do you give your time to serve at church or help those in need in your community? Do you think of spending time getting to know Jesus (in prayer and time in His Word) as being an offering? What's one specific gift or offering you are going to present to Jesus this Christmas season? Tami

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