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Opposed - Powered by 4 - May 30

  • 2019 May 30

Thursday, May 30


Today's reading: Judges 8:1-21

As Gideon and his small army continue to pursue the kings of Midian, they repeatedly encounter bold opposition--first with the men of Ephraim, and then with the men at Succoth and Penuel.

Opposition often comes from people and instances that we aren't expecting. And when that happens, it can be distracting and, if we're not careful, even completely derail our efforts. Despite some pretty ugly and fierce opposition, Gideon and his men are able to keep their focus and finish the task of capturing the Midianite leaders. In so doing, they seal the victory for the Israelites.

What's one thing or lesson you noticed from Judges 8 about encountering opposition, roadblocks and/or discouragement as we serve the Lord? What helps you keep your focus and stay the course when the going gets tough? Tami

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