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Powered by 4 - Jan. 27, 2011

  • 2011 Jan 27

Real Life God

today's reading.
Genesis 21:1-21    The LORD visited Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did to Sarah as he had promised...
Genesis 21:1-21

Genesis 21:1-21think about it.
How do you see God keeping His promises here? What changed for Sarah and for Abraham when Isaac was born? What does the account of Hagar and Ishmael tell you about God's care for people beyond His "chosen" ones?

the blog.
We've been looking at faith a lot these past few weeks, and Genesis 21:1-21 touches on it again. However, the faithfulness of God was the message that hit me front and center from today's passage. We're looking into the lives of a number of people and each one is in a different place emotionally and spiritually. Now, here's what struck me--God was faithful to each person right where they were at, circumstances and all. (God is so good!)

So what does Genesis 21:1-21 show us about God's character and His faithfulness? How might you draw on and use what you saw with these people and their circumstances for your own life today? Tami W.  

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