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Powered by 4 - July 16, 2012

  • 2012 Jul 16


Fresh Start

today's reading.
Genesis 28:10-22  Jacob left Beersheba and went toward Haran. And he came to a certain place and stayed there that night, because the sun had set. Taking one of the stones of the place, he put it under his head and lay down in that place to sleep...

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Jacob was a schemer. He lied and tricked his father into giving him his older brother Esau's blessing and inheritance. As you can imagine, that didn't sit well with Esau. So as we come to Genesis 28:10-22, Jacob is on the run headed to his uncle Laban's house. God speaks to Jacob through a dream and tells him that He is with him and that Jacob will have great offspring and land. 

Years later, we see a similar exchange between God and Jacob in Genesis 35:1-15. It's at this point that God changes Jacob's name to Israel and tells him "A nation and a company of nations shall come from you, and kings shall come from your own body. The land that I gave to Abraham and Isaac I will give to you, and I will give the land to your offspring after you" (vs.11-12). Pretty amazing.

What did you learn about God from these passages? How has God given you a fresh start when you've stepped away from Him? Tami W.

P.S. To go a little deeper this week, join our Back to the Bible series, Sometimes You Have to Start Over. If you've ever needed a fresh start or a second chance, you'll be encouraged by this study.

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