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Powered by 4 - July 8, 2015

  • 2015 Jul 08


Me First

Today's reading: 1 Samuel 22:1-23

Saul's obsession with hunting down and killing David climbs to a new level in 1 Samuel 22. What a sad and tragic account. Some of the words that came to mind as I considered Saul's mental state and emotional condition were: fearful, vengeful, abusive, irrational.

But rather than Saul, the person who stood out to me from this passage was Saul's servant, Doeg the Edomite. What a picture he provides of how sinful we can be when our aim is putting ourselves first. Doeg's only concern is Doeg (kind of like Saul, right?). So he uses the information he has and the situation before Saul to his advantage. He is willing to say and do whatever it takes to get Saul's favor and get ahead. The end result is absolutely heart-rending.

What's your experience been when you've allowed your mindset to be "me first"? How do you deal with and overcome this powerful temptation? Tami

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