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Powered by 4 - June 20, 2014

  • 2014 Jun 20

It's Good to be Desperate

today's reading.
Luke 8:40-56

the blog.
Today's blog is written by Tricia, editor for goTandem. Tami should be back in action next week. Enjoy! 

It's interesting, the contrast between Jesus' encounter with the man who's demon-possessed that Topher wrote about yesterday, and the intertwined stories of Jairus and the bleeding woman that come right after. 

• While the people of Gerasenes begged Jesus to go away; the people in verses 40-56 "welcomed Jesus, because they had been waiting for him." 

• Jesus healed the Gerasenes man on His own initiative, without a request from the man. But the stories of Jairus and the woman are all about Jesus responding to, even requiring, their faith in him.

• Everyone knew about the demon-possessed man, but he was a total outcast in society. The woman seems like an anonymous person until she meets Jesus, then everyone hears her story. Jairus was the popular and respected leader of the synagogue.

• Jesus sent the man he healed with instructions to "go back to your family, and tell them everything God has done for you." To Jairus and his wife Jesus "insisted that they not tell anyone what had happened." 

There are probably many reasons for the contrasts in these encounters with Jesus, but one thing is woven throughout all three narratives: Jesus' eagerness to bring physical, emotional and spiritual healing to these desperate people. For two of them, it required faith. For the other, Jesus just responded. 

Where do you see yourself in these stories? What are you desperate for Jesus to do in your life? Tricia

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