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Powered by 4 - May 13, 2010

  • 2010 May 13

Thursday, May 13

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today's reading.
Titus 1:1-3    Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ, for the sake of the faith of God's elect and their knowledge of the truth, which accords with godliness...
Titus 1 

think about it.
Why can God's Word--the Bible--be trusted? How would you explain that to someone else?

the blog.
Paul is one consistent guy, particularly when it comes to how he corresponds in writing. So when I start reading one of Paul's letters (like Titus today), sometimes I'm tempted to speed read through those first introductory verses so I can move on to what I perceive to be the more important stuff. (Ever feel this way?) Well, when I (we) do that, we're really shortchanging ourselves.

In Titus 1:1-3 Paul essentially describes himself and how he sees his role as a Christ-follower. It's really quite a rich description. And as I slowed down and considered what Paul was saying, it got me thinking about my own role as a "servant of God."

Ok, now it's your turn. How do you see your role as a servant of God and follower of Christ? What does that look like in your day-to-day life? Tami W.

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