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Your Influence - Powered by 4 - May 21

  • 2018 May 21

Monday, May 21

Your Influence

Today's reading: 1 Samuel 2:12-26

As we finish up chapter 2 of 1 Samuel, we learn about Eli's two grown sons. Although they were in the position of priests, Eli's sons were disrespectful and defiant toward God and the things He values.

The overwhelming stance of the world today communicates "what I do only impacts and matters to me," and as a result, people choose to do what they want when they want, with little to no consideration of how it impacts or influences others.

Eli's sons operated by this worldly mindset. Both held the high position of priest, and in that esteemed and public position, they intentionally thumbed their noses at God. They did what they wanted when they wanted to through their refusal to follow the established practice for obtaining meat and by having sexual relations with women who were serving at the tent of meeting. They were highly visible, negative influencers. Think about it--if the priests aren't acknowledging God or following Him in any way, why would the people?

Who are the people you impact and influence? What's one thing you can do today to be a positive influencer as you demonstrate living for Christ? Tami

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