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Powered by 4 - May 8

  • 2018 May 08

Tuesday, May 8

Family Matters

Today's reading: Esther 8:1-17

One of the things I like about the Book of Esther is the up-close and personal look at a number of different relationships it provides. And because God created us to be relational, taking time to consider the relationships in Esther--family, marriage, business/work, friendship--can give us insight to help us navigate the relationships in our own lives.

Family is prominent throughout Esther, but the message of family caring for, protecting and loving one another came across especially loud and clear for me today. Even though Esther was taken away from Mordecai and then elevated to the position of queen, she found a way to maintain their relationship despite the fact that she couldn't talk with him face-to-face. And the fact that Esther was queen didn't go to her head. Mordecai was precious to her, and she continued to look to him for counsel and advice and promoted him when the opportunity presented itself.

Likewise, Mordecai loved and treasured Esther. As a result, he was painstakingly diligent about keeping his relationship with her intact. Mordecai kept tabs on Esther and did whatever he could for her from outside the palace. "Thank you, God, for giving us the Book of Esther and the picture it provides of a healthy family relationship where You are the foundation."

What did you notice from Esther 8 and prior chapters about family? What does Esther 1-8 (and really the Bible as a whole) show us about the importance of family to God as well as His desire for us to love and care for one another? Tami

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