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Proper Handling Required - Powered by 4 - March 25

  • 2020 Mar 25

Wednesday, March 25

Proper Handling Required

Today's reading: 2 Timothy 2:14-19

As he did in 1 Timothy, Paul once again cautions Timothy about false teaching and the problems surrounding people who aren't following or speaking God's truth. Rather than engaging in arguments with these people, Paul instructs us to keep our focus on God and live well before Him, giving us the specific call to be "rightly handling the word of truth" (vs. 15). I like how this passage reminds us that God's Word is absolute truth and will never lead us down a wrong path.

For us to live justly, correctly, and properly, God's Word must be front and center in our lives. And in order for us to "rightly handle" God’s truth, we have to be familiar with it. That means we must be intentional about spending time with God in His Word and that our mindset should be one of learning when we read our Bible. It also means that we need to be attending a Bible-teaching church where we can regularly receive sound instruction and spend time with other Bible-believing Christ followers.

What are you currently doing to fulfill Paul's call to be an approved worker who rightly handles God's truth (vs. 15)? Is it your practice to regularly spend time with God in His Word? Do you ask God to reveal His truth to you as you take in His Word? Tami

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