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Somebody Loves You - July 25, 2017

  • 2017 Jul 25

TUESDAY July 25, 2017

Our Awesome God

“Now therefore, our God, the great, the mighty, and awesome God,
who keeps covenant and mercy: do not let all the trouble seem small before You that has come upon us, our kings and our princes, our priests and our prophets, our fathers and on all Your people, from the days of the kings of Assyria until this day.” - >Nehemiah 9:32

Historically, in this lengthy prayer, the people mentioned the days of the kings of Assyria as the reign of King Sennacherib. God’s people are up to their current time period. Before their great, mighty and awesome God, they acknowledged their sin. God is holy. Their sins were no small matter, nor were their consequences. What God had allowed to happen to them was not to be taken lightly––it was serious. Israel now knew the terrible effect their sins had on their nation. From the greatest to the least, sin had affected their kings, princes, priests, prophets, leaders and the people.

Lessons from history can be applied to our present time. We often do not take our sin seriously. Many people take their sin lightly. They do not understand, according to God’s Word, that they are sinning against a holy God. It is a big deal! If you think your sins are a small matter before God, you are wrong. Look around you; who is being affected by your sinful ways?

Other people will reap with you the consequences of your sins. This is exactly the reason why we are in the mess we are in these days. Yet, if we yield ourselves to the Lord and ask for mercy, God will give us His grace.  We will be able to enjoy the grace of God and what He wants to do in our lives. Then, as a result, we shall recognize our God’s greatness and His might. Our God is awesome––I love that.

God is good! Every day I am so happy and excited to see what God wants to do in my life. Every morning I make myself available to Him. I want to know God’s goodness and mercy––I want to know the Lord!

For the Lord Most High is awesome; He is a great King over all the earth.
~Psalm 47:2~

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