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Somebody Loves You - May 10

  • 2016 May 10

TUESDAY 10 May, 2016


Now Absalom would rise early and stand beside the way to the gate. So it was, whenever anyone who had a lawsuit came to the king for a decision, that Absalom would call to him and say, “What city are you from?” And he would say, “Your servant is from such and such a tribe of Israel.” - 2 Samuel 15:2

The way to the gate was a place where the people would come with their problems and situations to speak with the judges. Once they had heard their cause a judgment was made. Absalom took the time to rise early and find the main route people took to the city gate.  

Notice how Absalom had studied and planned to be at the right place at the right time. This was not a mistake or something he did out of ignorance. Absalom had set up a deliberate plan and he completely knew what he was doing. He had purposed in his heart to find the people and willfully intercept them.  Absalom left out God when he made his own plans and he would later be taken into a direction he least expected.

It is important to understand that many times we too can have our own evil plans. We think on what we want to do before those plans enter our hearts. Then we act to make sure it happens according to our plans. We completely know what we are doing. Proverbs 16:9 reveals to us that: man’s heart plans his way, but the Lorddirects his steps.

Imagine we may become like Absalom who did not take into account, at this point, God’s sovereign interception. His will supersedes mans.  We need to remember the law of sowing and reaping before we go ahead and make evil plans; if we do not, the outcome will be devastating.

Prayerfully invite the Lord into your daily plans. He will direct your steps for His purposes and His glory and not your own.

Purposes, plans, and achievements of men may all disappear like yon cloud upon the mountain's summit; but, like the mountain itself, the things which are of God shall stand fast for ever and ever.
~C. H. Spurgeon~

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