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Somebody Loves You - November 3

  • 2015 Nov 03


TUESDAY 3 November, 2015

Humble Servants

Then all the tribes of Israel came to David at Hebron and spoke, saying, “Indeed we are your bone and your flesh.” - 2 Samuel 5:1

As we enter 2 Samuel 5, Israel and Judah had been fighting against each other but now David was going to unite them, the twelve tribes are going to be united. They had been fighting for seven years but for the next 33 years they were going to be united, as God was preparing the way, using David.

For seven years they had been fighting but then they came to David in Hebron. These people had been against David, but finally they submit to him. Finally, they were submitting to David, as they recognized God’s anointing on him—it was God who made him king.

When you look at a person God wants to use, the first thing you have to see is the anointing of God in their lives. You have to see whether they are ruled by humility or pride. This is really important, humility or pride, because if someone really wants to be used by God, not just temporarily, but permanently, then they must be ruled by humility.

Humility is something I have recognized in my own life; I am not saying I am humble, but I know when I deal with really humble people, it humbles me. They do not speak about themselves; they speak about God—God did this; God is doing that; God is going to do this; the whole conversation is about God.

If you are a humble person, you will recognize and glorify the hand of God in your life. You will not take credit for what God is doing. You will just praise Him.

The way to rise is to fall.
~Thomas Manton~

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