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The Four Spiritual Secrets - December 15

  • 2019 Dec 15

MBC Daily Devotional 

A Prescription for Depression

 “For if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart…” - (1 John 3:20)

In the Bible the heart is often referring to our emotions. The Apostle John is using the heart in that sense in the verse quoted above. What he is essentially writing is that if the way we feel condemns us, God is greater than the way we feel.

Before he writes these words, he was challenging his readers to love in actions and not merely in words. He follows this insight that God is greater than the way we feel with the prescription that we should keep the two great commandments of Jesus: that we are to love God and our neighbor as much as we love ourselves (Matthew 22: 35-40). Jesus claimed that these two commandments would fulfill all the commandments in the Bible.

We are to love when we look up, when we look around, and when we look in. He was teaching that we are to love God completely, love others unconditionally, and love ourselves correctly. Loving ourselves does not mean that when we pass a mirror we should stop and have our devotions. Jesus was teaching that we should say the same thing about ourselves that God says about us – that He loves us.

The prescription for depression the Apostle of Love is giving devout disciples is that when our heart condemns us, we should realize that our faith is not to be based on something as fickle as our feelings. Our faith is to be based on the reality that we believe and apply the commandment to love.

The last thing we should do when our heart condemns us is to isolate ourselves into a pity party. We should get with people and love them.

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