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The Four Spiritual Secrets - July 28

  • 2020 Jul 28

MBC Daily Devotional 


“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you…” - (Philippians 1:3)

It is fitting that we in the United States of America set aside one day out of the year to memorialize our fallen warriors. In the Old Testament God regularly commanded the Chosen People to erect memorials so they would never forget certain events on their journey of faith. When we study those memorials we realize that God wanted them to remember miracles He performed for them. He never wanted them to forget significant spiritual datelines. He often repeated for emphasis things He wanted them to remember. Throughout the Old and New Testaments we therefore continuously here the exhortation to remember!

Memorials are closely linked with the attitude of gratitude and the awful sin of ingratitude. On Memorial Day are you thankful for what has been labeled “The Greatest Generation” who in the first half of the decade of the forties saved us from an unthinkable future without freedom and throughout the decades of the Cold War from more of the same? Does your memorial gratitude continue through those who fell in Korea, Vietnam and now in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Do you have spiritual memorial datelines for which you are grateful as you remember them before God? Do you have a dateline of when you came to faith in what Christ did for you on the cross? Do you have spiritual datelines beyond that point of beginning your faith journey, when the risen Christ has proved Himself to you in miraculous ways? Do you have a dateline when He made you know what He wants you to do for Him? In the fulfillment of that vision has He brought very, very significant people into your life to help you bring that vision into reality?

Then have a spiritual Memorial Day and be filled with grateful worship!

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