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When the Water Rises - Today with Allen Jackson - June 6, 2020

  • 2020 Jun 06

When the Water Rises

Genesis 7:23 (NIV®)

Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out; men and animals and the creatures that move along the ground and the birds of the air were wiped from the earth. Only Noah was left, and those with him in the ark.

It’s impossible for us to imagine the ridicule Noah must have faced as he built the ark. He no doubt endured constant harassment from his contemporaries, who would’ve mocked his explanation that He was doing what God had asked him to do. But I suspect there was a time, once he and his family were inside and the rain began to fall and the water began to rise, that Noah was very, very grateful he had said yes to God’s invitation to build that ark. I suspect that as he walked the decks of that massive ship, Noah was not grumbling about how much work it had been. I suspect he gratefully recognized that God had made supernatural provisions for him and his family. Our stories may not be as dramatic as Noah’s, but when we say yes to God’s invitations, He is able to do things for us that we cannot do for ourselves.


Has there been a time when God asked you to do something that didn’t make sense at the time but you said yes anyway? What resulted from your willingness to accept His invitation?


Heavenly Father, I believe all good things come from You. When my life feels out of control, I choose to yield control to You and trust that You are working on my behalf. I will not fear what people can do to me. But instead of worrying, I will keep walking in obedience to Your Word and do the best I know to do in trust and dependence on Your Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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