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Transformation Garden - Dec. 1, 2010

  • 2010 Dec 01


"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." Matthew 5: 6, New International Version


"Thirst" - An insistent desire, craving or yearning related to a sensation of dryness.

"There are no days when God's fountain does not flow."
Richard Owen Roberts

What do I need to "quench" my "thirst"?

"If anyone is thirsty, let them come to Me, and drink."
John 7:37
(Everyday Bible)


Many years ago, my husband and I, along with a group of friends, one weekend decided to hike down a canyon in Southern California that began on a shady, rural road and ended up at the Pacific Ocean.  We had been told by others, who had made the trip previously, that it was an easy, short, pleasant afternoon walk. Not paying careful attention to the time or mileage involved in this supposed simple walk, we took off about noon thinking that in two hours the cool ocean mist would be blowing in our faces as we hit the beach.

To show you how unprepared we were, we didn't check the temperature outside nor did we take any water with us.

Nearly three hours into this walk, I felt like I was going to drop! The temperature in the canyon was over 90°. The sun on our heads felt like a ball of fire.  My feet were blistered.  And my throat was dry.  Fortunately, after nearly four hours trudging on the trail, a fire ranger in a jeep appeared ahead of us, and I have to tell you, what a welcome sight.  He drove us the rest of the way while we each gulped down a bottle of water supplied by our ranger-to-the-rescue.  Water never tasted so good and so refreshing.  To my scratchy throat and chapped lips, the cool, invigorating water restored my energy, what's more, I felt like I could swallow again!

I am not surprised that Jesus often used the words "thirsty" and "water" when talking with the people who came to Him for spiritual refreshment.  In the hot, desert sun of the Middle East, I am certain there were times when parched lips needed cool water for relief.  We even find Jesus, when speaking with the woman at the well, asking for a drink of water to relieve His own thirst.


Because the people He was speaking to understood what it meant to be thirsty, Jesus chose to use the parched feeling our bodies have when we are physically dehydrated as a way of helping those in His audience understand that without His spiritual fountain replenishing our souls, we will become dry, brittle and broken individuals.

In the desert at the time of Jesus, oasis areas -- fertile, green shelters - provided a refuge.  The reason an oasis was green was because there was a spring or well that provided water to the foliage.  I like how the dictionary describes an oasis: "A shelter from surrounding unpleasantness." 

This is how Jesus likens Himself - as we invite Him to be poured into our lives to quench our thirst.  He is our oasis!  These words by C. W. Fry, written in 1898 express so wonderfully the refreshment given to our dry and weary souls by God's life-giving water:

                        "Though my weary steps may falter,

                        and my soul a thirst may be.

                        gushing from the Rock before me,

                        a Spring of Joy I see."


Are you dry and brittle?  Do you feel like you'll break any minute?  Then come to the well of living water.  Come to the oasis where Jesus longs to refresh you.  A drink from the water Jesus provides - and you'll never thirst, again.  He's given you that promise.

                        "Dear Lord, I open my heart to your coming.

                        Come close to me, Lord, and let me yield my

                        whole being to you.  Teach me to know myself

                        and to fill my empty being with the radiant life

                        of your love, that I may become a fountain of

                        blessing to quench my own thirst and to offer

                        love to meet the thirsts of my companions on

                        this journey to you."
                        Susan Coupland



"Fancy clothes, fine jewelry
Shiny brass, diamond rings
And all these things…
Not enough…
Just won't measure up
Riches of silver…
Luxuries of gold
Power and wealth,
Riches untold…
Not enough…
Just won't measure up
Fame and Fortune,
Worldly treasures
Love of money,
Love of Pleasure
Not enough…
Just won't measure up
Unlimited Power
Unlimited Success
No time or
Room to find happiness
Not enough…
Just won't measure up
After all the riches,
After all the fame
An empty vessel
Still yet remains
The power of God's Love
is priceless
Means more that
Nothing on earth
can measure
The comfort and joy
He brings
These worldly things are
Not enough…
Just won't measure up…
My soul is thirsty Lord
Fill My Empty Cup!"
Doris M. Batson
Restore the Joy

Your friend,

Dorothy Valcàrcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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