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Transformation Garden - Dec. 28, 2010

  • 2010 Dec 28


"Hope to the end."
1 Peter 1:3
King James Version


"Hope For The Hopeless"

"Hope" - To wish for something with the expectation of its fulfillment. To be confident!

Do I believe God's gift of hope can change my life?

"The glory of the star, the glory of the sun - we must not lose either in the other. We must not be so full of the hope of heaven that we cannot do our work on the earth; we must not be so lost in the work of the earth that we shall not be inspired by the hope of heaven."
Phillips Brooks


"If we are logical, the future would be bleak indeed. But we are more than logical. We are human beings, and we have faith, and we have hope."
Jacques Cousteau

Many years ago, my husband and I happened to be in San Francisco on business close to the Christmas holiday. After our appointments, we decided to have supper downtown and then walk around Union Square looking in the festively decorated store windows. As I peered into a window, which had animated Christmas figures moving to the lilting sounds of a Christmas tune, I heard the voice of a little girl who was standing next to me. I hadn't noticed the child because she was short and her head didn't even reach up to the bottom of the window.

"Up Daddy," she cried out. "I can't see. I want to see, too!" She pleaded as she tugged on her dad's jacket. Wanting to please his daughter with a simple request, the young girl's dad lifted her into the air. I wish you could have seen the look in her eyes. A smile crossed her precious face, and eyes that were sad and longing began to dance like the dolls in the window. A glimpse in the window was all it took.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel just like this little girl. I'm too tiny to grasp what my big God is doing for me. I'm too short-sighted to see His far-off plans. I'm too young to comprehend the vastness of His wisdom. I am too immature to understand the "length and breadth" of His purpose in my life.

So like a little girl on tip-toe, I yank on my Father's arm and say - "Let me see." I love the way author Macrina Wiederkehr so perfectly puts this thought into a prayer called "Standing On Tiptoe."

A Prayer for Standing on Tiptoe 


"On tiptoe we stand, Lord Jesus

eagerly awaiting

your full revelation

always expecting you

to come some more.

Our hands and hearts

are open to your grace.

Our lives still waiting for

the fullness of your presence.

We are those who have been promised

a Kingdom, and we can never forget

yet we have a foot in both worlds

and so we stumble.

But still we stand

on tiptoe

owning our kingdom-loving hearts

and our earth-eyes

we lean forward

and hope."

Macrina Wiederkehr
Seasons of Your Heart

May I ask you, "What is it you are hoping for this Christmas?" For some of us, we are hoping for the strength to just make it through the day! We're hoping we can put one foot in front of the other. For someone else, you may be hoping for healing in a relationship with a family member that seems crushed beyond repair. For another, your hope may be to unravel the financial tangle you face.

I know that many years ago, my hopes were so often focused on earthly possessions and accomplishments and now, after struggling to learn to walk again, my hope of a day when pain no longer exists is so much more important than buying a new pair of shoes. I'm certain many of you completely understand what I'm talking about. How quickly what we hope for changes when we find that Jesus' presence is our greatest need and most longed-for hope.

Each day during this holiday season, may hope continue to thrive and grow in your heart, for in the words of Roy Kemp, "There is no better or more blessed bondage than to be a prisoner of hope."

"Because of my covenant with you, I'll release you from your hopeless cells. Come home, hope-filled prisoners! Everything you lost is returned, twice-over!"

Zechariah 9:11-12
The Message, NIV, KJV


As you pray this Christmas Day for God's presence in your life, I invite you to think about the ways we can bring the gift of God's hope into our world in the coming year, for we are desperately in need of this special gift right now.

May We Bring Hope

As we pray—
     for those for whom life has no meaning or purpose,
     for those who are without work and those who are overworked,
     for those who are lonely or lost, in the big cities or in strange lands,
     for those who are dismayed that their efforts bring so little change,
Give us courage so to act and so to speak that hope may abound."

Women's World Day of Prayer
International Executive Committee

Your friend,
Dorothy Valcàrcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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