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Transformation Garden - December 12, 2011

  • 2011 Dec 12


“And now, my daughter, fear not, I will do for you all you require.”
Ruth 3: 11
Amplified Bible


The Heart of the Redeemer

“Through centuries of scorn and shame,
Your love has named us as Your own,
Through poverty, despair and fear,
Our faith and hopelessness have grown;
You touch us, and we all are healed,
Behold, God’s grace in love revealed.”
Anna Briann

How has my “Redeemer” showed His love to me?

Have I asked my “Redeemer” to do for me, “all that I require?”

“God does not love us because we are valuable.  We are valuable because God loves us.”
Fulton J. Sheen


“He paints the lily of the field,
Perfumes each lily bell;
If He so loves the little flowers,
I know He loves me well.”
Maria Straub

When I was a young girl, my mother taught me a song, with a simple yet profound message, entitled, “He Loves Me So.”  The above quote is part of the song. But here are a few more of the words written by Maria Straub which I can remember from this melody:

God sees the little sparrow fall,
It meets His tender view;
If God so loves the little birds,
I know He loves me, too.
He loves me, too,
He loves me, too,
I know He loves me, too!
Because He loves the little things,
I know He loves me, too.

God made the little birds and flowers,
And all things big and small;
He’ll not forget His little ones,
I know He loves us all.
He loves me, too,
He loves me, too,
I know He loves me, too!
Because He loves the little things,
I know He loves me, too!”

I’m so glad I know, today, that my Father “loves me so!”

Over the past few days, we have uncovered the qualities present in the “redeemer,” Boaz, as he claimed Ruth as his beloved. But what we have found is that these attributes, also shine a spotlight on our heavenly Father’s redeeming grace as exemplified in the life of His Son Jesus.

Today, our text in Ruth 3:11 shares some of the most comforting and compassionate words found in Scripture.  Boaz told Ruth, “I will do for you, all you require.”

You have to know I couldn’t help myself.  I had to go to the Hebrew and look up the word “require.” I want to point out several things. First, in the King James Version of the Bible, the word, “requirest,” is used. It is the only time this word is used in the Old Testament.  But there’s more!  This is the only time in the Old Testament the Hebrew word “awmar” is used to refer to the word “requirest.”  There is great latitude in the meaning of “awmar” but I’d like to share some of these broad definitions so you and I may more clearly understand the scope of what was in the heart of Boaz, Ruth’s redeemer.  It was as though Boaz said to Ruth, “My dearest, the one I love, anything you ask of me, anything you command me to do, anything you desire, anything you expressly require, indeed, I will do it for you.”  This was a big-hearted man!  And it was a massive amount of love poured out on a Moabite girl who was widowed, penniless and dependent on the mercy of another.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you?  It surely does to me.  For just like Ruth, more than I’d like to admit, I’ve wandered into the land of Moab, only to come home and find my heavenly Redeemer, with His unlimited kindness and gracious love, coming with outstretched arms to His lonely and wayward child and saying, “My daughter (my son), whatever you need, require, desire or long for, I will do it for you!”

And I ask you, why would we ever hold anything back from a “Redeemer” who offers to give so much to us.  I love the words of author Kathy Keay in her prayer:

            “Love’s Faithfulness”
“You offer comfort in affliction,
Within the wasteland of my pilgrim heart
You stand radiant moving forward,
Dust blown through the years
Facing every onslaught
Wiping every tear
Defusing every deception
Disarming vanity
Confronting pride –
Idolatry of every kind.
Seemingly lost amidst unbelief
And the pain and turmoil
Of past years and recent grief,
Yet here You stand.
With You I emerge burnt
Yet more vulnerable, more real.”

And Boaz came to Ruth and told her that all she asked, he would do for her.  This is our glimpse into the heart of our “Redeemer,” whose heart is big enough to hold every one of His children, and to meet the needs of everything we require.

“Love is the greatest thing that God can give us, for Himself is love, and it is the greatest thing we can give to God, for it will also give ourselves, and carry with it all that is ours.”
Jeremy Taylor


            The Call

“Jesus says, “Come follow me.”
I say,
“Lord, you’re calling the wrong person.
I’m not the following type.
It takes me all my time
to stand on my own two feet.”

And he says, “I love you.”

I say,
“Now, don’t get me wrong, Lord.
I do all I can within reason,
but I can’t afford to go overboard.
I mean, I have to live in this world.”

And he says, “I love you.”

I say,
“It’s all very well to talk about love,
but love is dangerous.
It can get people crucified.
At the best it can be misunderstood.
If I go round telling people I love them,
someone’s going to lock me up.”

And he says, “I love you.”

I say,
“The trouble is, I’m not ready.
Come back in a few years
when I’ve got my life sorted out.
By then I should have something
to offer you.”

And he says, “I love you.”

I say,
“Lord, don’t look at me like that.
You’re making it very difficult.
All right, I’ll spell it out.
I’m a sinner. I’d let you down.
I’d give my life to you
and then try to take it back again.
I’m weak, Lord.”

And he says, “I love you.”

I say,
You don’t understand what I’m telling you.
I’d deny you and betray you,
there’d be times when I’d crucify you.
And what would you think of me then?”

And he says, “I love you.”
Joy Cowley

Your friend,

Dorothy Valcàrcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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