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Transformation Garden - July 1, 2012

  • 2012 Jul 01


“To every purpose, there is a time.”
Ecclesiastes 8: 6
King James Version


God brings His fulfillment into my life in His time.

“Fulfillment” – To contain everything that is essential. To bring to wholeness. To bring to completion.

“He hath made everything beautiful in His time.”
Ecclesiastes 3: 11
King James Version

What am I waiting for God to “fulfill” in His time in my life?


As we have looked at how God brings His fulfillment into our lives, I wish I could tell you that today, this very minute, you will know God’s purpose fully for your life, and that every part of your life will feel full to overflowing. I can’t promise you this, however, I can promise you that God has and will bestow upon you everything you need to “fulfill” His plan in your life if you will agree to “abide” in His timetable. I know it’s hard to work with God’s timeline but from personal experience, I am a living example of the fact that waiting for God’s direction saves us much heartache and pain.

David found this out and that is why over 20 times in the Psalms he says, “Wait on the Lord.” Several times he uses the phrase, “Wait patiently” (Psalm 37: 7). And if you are thinking that doesn’t sound easy, all I can say to you is, “You are absolutely correct!”

However, by waiting on God, we’ll be walking in His plan for us – not on a path of our own desires.

As you think about the fulfillment God can bring to your life, I invite you to reflect on this story and the lesson it contains. For our fulfillment will be assured as we daily come closer to the person – our Heavenly Father – whom we long to reflect.

A man was kidnapped and taken away by bandits who hid him in a remote forest prison. Week after week, he languished with little food or comfort.

One day an old man arrived in the forest. He brought food to the bandits who were in control of the prisoners. But he also had a rug in his hand that he asked if he could give to the man who was locked up.

After some discussion, and having seen their prisoner pray everyday, the kidnappers gave the woven rug to the man. Everyday, the prisoner unrolled the small rug and knelt on it to pray.

One morning, when the kidnappers went to give their prisoner breakfast, they saw he was gone. His cell, along with his prayer rug weren’t anywhere to be found.

Several days later, the unshaven and very tired man walked into a small village – it was the village where he lived. Townspeople came running out jumping up and down, screaming with joy. The man’s wife and children ran to him – what a reunion. And then out of a small house, an old-man came, tears pouring down his face. It was the same man who had brought the rug to the prisoner.

The old man was his father.

He had heard from some travelers in the forest where a prisoner was being held.  He knew as an elderly person he would be no threat to the bandits, especially if he brought them food and so, loaded with something to eat and a rug he had woven, he made his way to the camp.

Unknown to the bandits, the trails for an escape route through the forest were woven into the prayer rug.

At first the prisoner didn’t see the paths. The rug looked just like a maze of strings, but as time went by and his daily prayers continued, the pattern in the rug began to appear before His eyes. His father had charted a course for his safe return home.

Your Father has woven a rug with His pattern for your life on it. Keep close to Him. Keep talking to Him. Keep walking with Him. And in His time – you will see His pattern for the fulfillment you long for.       


“Divine purpose for us is learning to live in harmony with God’s will…when you know your part in the Divine Plan, there is never a feeling of inadequacy. You are always given the resources for any situation, any obstacle. There is no strain, there is always security.”
Peace Pilgrim

Your friend,

Dorothy Valcàrcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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