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Transformation Garden - May 23, 2010

  • 2010 May 23


"Then Saul said to his servants, ‘Find me a woman who is a medium between the living and the dead, that I may go and inquire of her.' His servants said, ‘Behold, there is a woman who is a medium at Endor!'"
I Samuel 28: 7, Amplified Bible


"Hunting For Evil"

"O Lord, never suffer us to think we can stand by ourselves, and not need Thee."
John Donne

Have I ever found myself "hunting" for something that is outside the will of God?

"Hate what is evil, cling to what is good."
Romans 12:9, N.I.V.


"Avoid every kind of evil."
I Thessalonians  5: 22, N.I.V.

The small town where Jim and I live has come to be quite popular as a haven for followers of New Age theories.  Part of the reason is the beauty found in this region of Red Rocks that supposedly contain powerful energy sources that are called vortexes.

As a young girl, camping with my family in this area, there were only ranches and small farm houses. So you can imagine my surprise when I came back to this beautiful region years later and saw all kinds of crystal stores and horoscope shops. In fact, as you drive into town, there's a large shop on one corner advertising the services of what would have, in Bible times been called, "mediums."

One day as we drove past this shop in our car, Jim said to me, "You know, I wouldn't even walk in front of that building -- it looks spooky." He wasn't being foolish in his assessment. For if there is something the Bible is clear about, it is warnings to  stay away from mediums, wizards, and anything having to do with the worship of idols or devils.

We find that in I Samuel 28, following God's instruction to the children of Israel, no mediums or wizards were permitted in the territory.  There was to be one God of heaven and earth. He was to be worshipped and adored. No other gods were to be followed. No "spirits" entertained.

But having said this, we find when King Saul didn't like what God told him to do, he decided to search in other places for the advice he wanted to hear. His ears and eyes were closed to heaven's Word.

It can appear harsh, that when Saul went to God for advice as I Samuel 28: 6 tells us, God did not answer him. However, we need to remember that having abandoned God, King Saul only wanted to "use" God for his own personal means. By doing so, he showed his complete rejection of God's guiding hand

And so, King Saul ordered his servants to find him "someone,"  in this case a woman, who was a medium -- a person who was called a go-between for the living and dead. A person God had directly forbidden His children to deal with.

Obviously, the servants of Saul were quick to obey his command and immediately directed him to the "woman of Endor" -- an individual known to provide services that contacted the "spirit" world.

What struck me about our text for today are the words, "find me a woman who is a medium."  Throughout the Scripture we are instructed to flee from evil. We are told to  stay away from all that defiles.  We are told to turn our backs on all that pollutes. But sadly, having been disobedient to God's will, King Saul came to the point in his life when he was actually hunting for evil. He wasn't just running into evil accidentally, he was chasing it down -- even ordering others to help him find the evil he desired.

This is a critical point which is often missed when we read the  story about the woman in Endor.  She didn't seek King Saul with a come hither look or blaring advertisement. Saul sought her out. He hunted for her. He even enlisted the aid of others to find her.  There was no "fleeing from evil" on Saul's part, instead he "fled to evil."

The reason this lesson needs to be underscored is that too often we do the same thing in our own lives. We go to places where we know "evil" is present. We intentionally associate with those whom we know have an influence on our lives that is not heavenly. And then we wonder why we fall into a pit of disobedient behavior and evil.

Many years ago I had a good friend who had struggled with a drug habit for a long time. We were talking about the challenge she faced in her life and she told me, "There are certain places and certain people I can't be around. The temptation is too great!"

For each of us, our temptations are different, but God's message is the same, "Flee from evil."

We can't expect to resist the devil if we walk into his den or if we have our friends hunting for his home. This is exactly what King Saul did. He chose to hunt for evil, hoping he would hear what he wanted to hear and see what he wanted to see. What a tragic choice he made -- turning his back on his heavenly Father and walking into the territory controlled by the evil one.  May we learn from the sad lesson of his life that hunting for evil never has a good ending.

"So be subject to God.
Resist the devil
(stand firm against him), and
he will flee from you."
James 4: 7
Amplified Bible


"Fix the centre of my heart in Yourself, O Lord, for only thus will I resist temptation and live according to Your will."
Meister Eckhart

"O Thou who knowest our hearts, and who seest our temptations and struggles, have pity upon us, and deliver us from the sins which make war upon our souls. Thou art all-powerful, and we are weak and erring. Our trust is in Thee, O Thou faithful and  good God. Deliver us from the bondage of evil, and grant that we may hereafter be Thy devoted servants, serving Thee in the freedom of holy love, for Christ's sake."
Eugene Bersier

Your friend,
Dorothy Valcarcel, Author
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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