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Word for the World - June 30

  • 2020 Jun 30

Word for the World devotionals from Dr. Randy White


A Provoked Spirit

Now while Paul was waiting for them at Athens, his spirit was being provoked within him as he was observing the city full of idols.” (Acts 17:16)

Have we become so content with life and comfortable with diversity that a city full of idols is so common-place that our spirit does not become provoked within us?  How many modern-day idols do we see in our city daily, and yet our spirit is never provoked?  Are the billboards to the god of sex, money, fame, or leisure something that provoke us?  Are we ever moved in our spirit when we see the god of church-growth or secularism set-up for worship at the altars of our churches?

Paul confronted the idol worshipers.  He debated the philosophers of the day, who viewed him as the odd-man-out because “he was preaching Jesus and the resurrection” (Acts 17:18).  The residents of the cosmopolitan Athens “used to spend their time in nothing other than telling or hearing something new” (v. 19).  This is so much like the modern-day cosmopolitan American! 

Ask God to create a provoked spirit within you today!   

In His Grace,
Dr. Randy White

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