Dr. Ralph Douglas West serves as founder and senior pastor of The Church Without Walls (Brookhollow Baptist Church, Houston, Texas). He first preached as a sixteen year old in his native Houston. The church began with 32 members and now embraces 24,000+ families meeting in three locations and conducting six services each Sunday. Dr. West is affectionately known as PAS.

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Pas the Day - April 4, 2020

  • 2020 Apr 04

Now let me sing to my Well-beloved a song of my Beloved regarding His vineyard. (Isaiah 5:1)

In the very first verse of Isaiah 5, this balladeer prophet walks around and sings a song about vineyards that represents God’s expectation of a return on His investment in His people. Today, in a sense, God is not putting us under any pressure. But at the same time, He’s saying, “I have made an investment in every one of you, and I am looking for something in your life in return. I want you to mature, produce, and be fruitful.”

Keep the main thing the main thing – it changes everything!

When you keep Jesus in the center of your life and work, you’ll see His incredible power to pull everything together – so you have no need to worry!

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