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The Four Spiritual Secrets - October 5

  • 2019 Oct 05

MBC Daily Devotional


“Wrapped in a bundle of life with God…” (I Samuel 25:29)

These words of Scripture can be found inscribed on the gravestones of children who died at a very early age. This is especially true in a Jewish cemetery because Jewish mothers believed they expressed the almost inexpressible feelings in their hearts as they laid their children to rest in that cemetery.

We could inscribe those words on the gravestones of our children and adult loved ones as well because they should bring great comfort and consolation to us as we think of those we have lost through sickness and death. However, if we will think about it, these words should also be applied to our loved ones while they are living. The most exciting truth in the New Testament is presented in just two words: “In Christ” or “In Him”.

Jesus told the apostles that after His death and resurrection He was going to give them the divine presence of the Holy Spirit. They would then be able to be “in Him” the way a branch is in a vine. That means all of us can be wrapped in a bundle of life with Christ as we live our lives in this world. What an exciting concept! Jesus told the apostles, and you and me, all about this in the fifteenth chapter of the Gospel of John. He even told us how to abide in Him and experience the miracle of Him abiding in us. He told us we can abide in Him and He will abide in us if we abide in His Word.

I challenge you that if you abide in His Word today you will find yourself wrapped in a bundle of life with God!

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