Over at DarkUFO's lost site, there are always several tidbits about the show. The most notable of the offseason so far has been this one:

I can now reveal the following. 

Jacob has a child and it's one of [these people: Jack, Sawyer, kate, Juliet, Hurley, Locke, Michael, Bram, Desmond, Caesar, Ilana, Ben, Richard, Sayid]..

Click here to vote on your guess as to which one. As of this moment the leaders are: Richard (25%), Locke (19%), Desmond (18%), Ilana (16%), Jack (5%).

I want it to be Locke for several reasons, not the least of which is recalling how Locke's weird mom once told him he was a virgin birth or somesuch (though this gets sticky when you consider the biological match Locke was for his "real dad" to have stolen his kidney). I've also enjoyed considering Locke as a messianic character, which fits with him being born of the "god" character on the show.

Richard strikes me as too obvious, which is why I am leaning towards Ilana right now, though we know very little about her.

What do you think?