Jack doesn't know it of course, but one of the first people he meets in this new life - even as he freshly mourns his own father - is another person who is related to his dad. He tends to his half-sister Claire, who is pregnant with yet another Shephard, baby Aaron.

Now this one has always stuck in my craw. Something SWOOPS IN at the time of the engine explosion. Click the link below to see what I mean.

It's long since been "debunked" as nothing (see here), and the producers swear we never physically see Smokey this early in the series... but I've never bought it all 100%. It's just too weird, and I've never heard a satisfactory explanation. I grant, however, that I don't know what it means or what the point would be, other than to say it was cool to see Smokey in action early.

Following the first time the Monster shakes the jungle, we get this line from Rose: "That sound that it made; I kept thinking there was something really familiar about it." Someone asks where she's from. "The Bronx." What's the purpose of this line? Surely it isn't a throw-away. Is it just to suggest that what's making the noise is man-made? Mechanical?

Jack "blacked out" during the crash. Kate did not. Any significance, now that we know Jack experienced something similar and woke up in the same place (albeit in 1977) in Season Five?

From the second episode, it is already established (beginning with the scene of Charlie brushing past Jack/Rose on the plane) that we will see events from multiple perspectives, which is highly suggestive of a search for truth, and that truth can be dependent upon paradigm.

Very odd interplay between Kate and Charlie after they hide from The Monster. They both (as does Jack) deny having seen it. Locke will later do the same when asked directly by Michael. But did they see it? If so, why lie? Does it have anything to do with how The Monster - as we learn later - apparently is able to read your thoughts and see your memories?

Kate finds pilot wings on the ground, and in the puddle's reflection sees the pilot's body in the trees. About those wings... I can't locate a pic of them, but it has always been suggested they look a lot more like military wings than commercial pilot wings. Also interesting that a set of wings plays prominently in the Pilot episode, when in the final episode we saw in Season Five, Jacob's tapestry contains a pair of wings...

Walt encounters the Spanish comic book with the polar bear in it before the hiking group comes across the polar bear... which I am calling a red herring. Perhaps all of Walt's "special abilities" were nothing but something to throw us off the scent... something I especially fear given how they seem to have long abandoned the storyline. The polar bears seem to be satisfactorily explained by Dharma's research. I say this... but these episodes also contain the example of Michael promising to look for Vincent as soon as it stops raining. Immediately it stops raining, and Walt gives Michael a, "Well? Get about it, dude!" look.

Claire - upon feeling the baby move again after eating some of Jin's sushi - realizes that she thinks the baby is a he. She's right of course. What was the significance of letting us in on the gender this early?

Boone asks Charlie if the polar bear is what killed the pilot. Only thing is, last we knew, Jack, Kate and Charlie hadn't told anyone about the pilot being alive when he was found, or that he was then killed. Uh... how'd Boone know about that? (Guess we can assume these characters do have conversations off-camera)...

Appearances of the Numbers: 16 hours since the crash when they find the pilot... 23 is the row Jack and Rose were in... 16 years the French signal has been playing (marking its beginning in April 1988)... 23 (thousand dollars) is the reward for Kate's capture... 4 years that Locke has lived with "his condition" (meaning he must have been paralyzed in 2000).