A fresh perspective on the night Jack and Desmond ran the stadium steps. Desmond parked first, but was stretching. Jack parked next, but took off immediately. While Des stretched, Penny drove up. She found him. Her first question is whether he ever read his Dickens book. Her next question is why he didn't write to her. He lies through asking her a question of his own because he doesn't want to tell a woman he loves that her father sucks. So he asks, "When are you getting married?" It's a brilliant question, because she seems to realize the only way Desmond could know about that is if he's had contact with her father. She asks what he's running from. He's running TOWARD his honor and his girl. And so begins this modern version of The Odyssey, with the sailor trying to get home to his prudent Penelope, who has many suitors, but he has several obstacles in his path on weird islands.

A fierce storm at sea brought Des to the island originally. It seems true that the only way there is through a rough ride. We see how Kelvin in a yellow hazmat suit ran to the beach and dragged him inland. And it's once they're back in the Swan and Kelvin takes off his helmet that we realize we've seen him before -- he was the U.S. Army guy who taught Sayid the fine art of torture. His first question is, "Are you him?" followed by the snowman riddle. Kelvin LIES to Des that he never saw his boat. When Des first watches the Swan orientation, he realizes there are parts spliced out. He's informed, "Radzinsky made some edits." So we know who did it, just not why. Kelvin informs Des he wears the yellow suit outside so he won't get infected, and instructs Des in using the vaccine. Kelvin mixes "paint" that can be seen in black light while Des forces a lockdown. The blast door was Radzinsky's idea. What happened to him? Kelvin points to a stain on the ceiling. We can assume it wasn't murder, since the stain fits the shotgun patter Kelvin describes of a self-inflected wound. And, we know from Season Five that Radzinsky's a loon even before he spend time going crazier in the Swan. Des asks Kelvin if he can go outside next time. "Oh, you want to go out there with the Quarantine and the Hostiles?" And maybe it's just me, but these terms are sounding more and more like Santa Claus and the premise of the movie The Village -- myths created so that a population will police it's own behavior in a certain way. The whole concept of the blast door map being viewed in black light is interesting. Black light would seem to combine both elements of our black and white theme at once. It's all together black, and yet light.

Desmond got kicked out of the army because he couldn't follow orders. Kelvin left the army because men did follow his orders. These regrests are what prompted him to join Dharma. One day, Des finds Kelvin drunk and having gone through a panel underneath the Swan. He was going to use the failsafe key for system termination. "Turn this key and this all goes away." Come to think of it now, that sounds an awful lot like what Juliet (we think) made happen at the very end of Season Five. On that spot, down in the earth, one action, everything either "goes away" or "never happened." Kelvin explains simply that behind the wall is some geologically unique magneticism. The Incicdent was a leak, "so now the charge builds up, and every 108 minutes we have to discharge it." When Des has been there 3 years (these events should be taking place on the same day as the crash), he gets suspicious about the way Kelvin says "goodbye" to him, and notices a tear in Kelvin's hazmat suit. There was no sickness. Des follows him, finds out Kelvin has been fixing Des's boat. They fight, Kelvin is killed. By the time Des makes it back, the timer has run out. Heiroglyphs. System failure. Massive chaos. Numbers finally keyed in, but Flight 815 is torn apart. Desmond confirms as much on the report Locke got from the Pearl. "I think I crashed your plane." After Kelvin died, Des finally decided to read his book. Inside it was a letter from Penny before he went to prison. This is why she asked in LA if he had read the book yet. In the letter, she says she'll wait for him always. He despairs, tearing the place apart... when he hears knocking. It was Locke pounding on the hatch. Turns out they each provided the exact sign the other needed at that exact moment. Our Mutual Friend indeed.