Regarding Charlotte's age / year of birth -- the producers have admitted to a mistake about the 1979 birthday. Twenty-five would be very young for even a gifted anthropologist to be chosen for such a mission. Thirty-three makes much more sense. Also, it would make impossible the time-skipping sequences we find in Season Five when Charlotte's a Dharma youth. From Lostpedia:

According to information provided by Ben that he received from Michael, Charlotte Staples Lewis was born on July 2, 1979 in Essex, England to parents David and Jeanette Lewis. She was raised in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England along with her two younger sisters. ("Confirmed Dead"). It has since been uncovered that this information is, at least, partially incorrect; Charlotte was actually born in 1971 and she spent a great deal of her younger childhood on the Island. Her family were members of the DHARMA Initiative, whom she lived with at the Barracks. ("This Place Is Death"). In 1974, a much younger Charlotte was present on the same day that Sawyer's group arrived at the barracks with Amy.

Of course, this then begs the question of why Ben didn't remember knowing a red-headed Charlotte Lewis on the island as a child...

Juliet is pretty sure Ben never even mentioned knowing anyone off-island, much less traveling there.

Inscription inside Naomi's bracelet - "N, I'll always be with you. R.G."

Miles and Jack decide they share the same problem - Locke. Locke has Ben, and Locke killed Naomi. And they know where Locke's going.

Sayid swings a deal - if he brings Charlotte back safe, Lapidus will fly him to the boat. He also finds that Naomi was carrying a picture of Desmond, which only confuses the gang even more as to what the boat people's real agenda is. They dispatch Juliet to find Desmond to see if he can help shed some light.

Locke comes to the circle of ash... but there's definitely no cabin inside it. "Could be anywhere" Hurley says, knowingly. Ben mocks John some more, "He's looking for someone to tell him what to do." Locke says forget all that - the plan's the same - going to the barracks. Only thing is, Charlotte's people are with Jack, who knew where Locke's group wsa going, and by all signs they're going to be armed. Hurley has a fantastic solution - let Charlotte go, even calling it a sign of "good faith" (interesting phrasing given how the Losties are like a split church right now). No, Locke says, she has value as a hostage, and their groups are "beyond compromise." Okay, he's sounding like a zealot again. Dang. If there's one thing we learned a long time ago on this show - always listen to Hurley. Hurley went with Locke because his friend believed something similar to what Locke did. But that doesn't mean Locke is his friend.

Dan Conducts an Experiment

  • Gets a kit from the chopper
  • Finds an open spot in the field, puts up a tripod with a platform on top
  • Calls Regina on the boat, starts his timer and activates a beacon, tells her to fire the payload
  • She counts down its distance. She shows it has reached the target when he still sees absolutely no sign of it
  • When it finally arrives, the differences between the two stopwatches is about 31 minutes and 18 seconds. "Not good," says Faraday

Sayid, Kate, and Miles reach the barracks. They hear pounding, and in the closet of a house, they find Hurley tied up. Hurley explains that Locke's "gone off the reservation." Sayid's ears prick up when Hurley mentions Walt, but is told, "Dude, don't ask." Hurley asks Miles if they really are there to kill them. "Not yet," Miles deflects, before asking which one of these is Ben's house. Sayid finds that Ben's bookshelf opens up, revealing a James Bond room -- loads of foreign currencies, fake IDs and passports (one alias is "Dean Moriarty" which could reference either Sherlock Holmes or On the Road by Jack Kerouac), tons of suits to wear... suddenly Sawyer shows up, Kate knows it's a trap, and Locke tells Hugo good work.