Walt: Before he even sees Locke after getting out of school, he seems to sense he's there. Walt's not surprised to see Locke - about whom he has been having dreams. Locke was on the island wearing a suit (this comes true) and people all around him wanted to hurt him (this comes true). Walt hasn't talked to Michael in three years. Sadly, it appears the last time Michael ever spoke to his son was when he told him he killed Ana and Libby, and betrayed his friends. Walt figured the fact Michael went missing meant he went back to the island. Locke lies to him, too, or tells a half-truth about Michael ("Last I heard, he was on a freighter near the island"). Locke decides not to invite Walt, as "he's been through enough" (convenient excuse). Abaddon points out he's 0-for-2. Ben happens to be in NYC, too, following Locke and Abaddon around, and leering menacingly.

Hurley: Hugo is doing more watercolors - this time of the Sphinx! When Locke wheels up, he assume Locke must be dead, as he's just used to seeing dead island mates. Rather funny that Hurley would be very calm about seeing a ghost, but upon learning he's talking to a living person, he jumps back. When Hugo learns that Abaddon is with Locke, he's very disturbed, calling him "evil," and telling Locke the story of Abaddon coming to see him and pretending to be an Oceanic rep, offering to move him to a different facility. I wonder where Hurley would have ended up had he agreed, or what Abaddon/Widmore really would have done with him there?

Kate: I hate Kate in this scene. She's downright mean to Locke. She's already been bugging me for a lot of reasons, and this just tears it. "The answer is no." And then she twists the "you've never been in love or loved anybody" knife into his side for no good reason. Locke says that's not true, though he's a bit stunned. But she keeps punching even after John mentions Helen, and how it didn't work out because he was angry and obsessed. "Look how far you've come," says Kate. I wish Locke would wheel his chair over her toes.

Helen: Locke asked Abaddon to look up Helen Norwood. Abaddon said he couldn't find her, a lie, but Locke insists. But she's dead. Or, at least there's a grave, and an explanation of what happened to her: brain aneurysm on April 8, 2006. Locke says they could have been together. Abaddon says maybe, but she'd still be gone, she's where she's "supposed to be." Is this another clue to Abaddon being "death / destruction / the angel of death"? If his job is to get people where they're "supposed to be," and if Helen is where she's "supposed to be," is this a not-so-subtle hint that Death is where we're all headed, and Abaddon helps us get there?

Jack: Locke ends up in St. Sebastian's hospital after a car accident he got in fleeing from Abaddon's killer. When he wakes up, Jack - who has started growing his beard (so this is in his post-Kate, seeing-Christian's-ghost, drug period) - is staring at him. Jack doesn't want to hear the fate argument, doesn't want to hear that Locke is special. "Maybe you're just a lonely old man who crashed on an island, and that's it." But then Locke pulls out the "Your father says hello" guns.

Ben: Locke, depairing, writes his suicide note to Jack in his room at the Westerfield Hotel (too bad Locke's alias wasn't named Theodore Bentham instead, because "Westerfield Hotel" anagrams nicely into "Where Ted Lost Life." Oh well). Ben talks him out of it, cops to killing Abaddon, and tries to make the case it was only a matter of time before Abaddon killed Locke (what?! why?). Tells John he can't do this because he has no idea how important he is (question: can Locke's body only be used if he died naturally or was murdered? Does suicide somehow make him unfit, perhaps?). Ben tells John that Jack has booked a ticket that night - LA to Sydney and back. This gives Locke just enough hope. But it creates a timeline problem for me. If Locke visits the O6 in very late 07, and Jack is only now going to start flying and growing his beard out, but Locke dies tonight such that Jack sees his obit a few days later, how does that all fit together? Once Ben learns that Jin is alive and Locke has his ring, and that they next step is to find Eloise Hawking in LA, he has what he needs and he strangles Locke, and strings him back up as a suicide. Sigh...