Flocke sees a boy in old ragged Others-y clothing with arms outstretched. Richard can not see him. We can assume Richard has seen Jacob in the past, crediting him for being the reason Richard doesn't age, but perhaps he was never touched? Later, Sawyer can see him.

I'm aware of the speculation that this boy is Aaron or someone other than Jacob. Not buying it. First, he's recognized by MIB. He's clothes scream of being an Other. MIB is not all that suprised to see him, even having killed him. But mostly, it's his looks and his words, the only ones of which are: "You know the rules. You can't kill him." It's an interchange that hit me as if it had been lifted out of the Book of Job when God says to Satan (and I'm paraphrasing): "Sure, you can take this guy's family, health, wealth... but don't kill him!"

When MIB comes back with his Lockian yell, "Don't tell me what I can't do!" Kid Jacob shakes his head, and walks off, like this cat'll never learn.

Jacob is dead, but we know that candidates like Hurley and Sawyer can still see him. He can apparently appear as he did from any point in his past - as a child, or as Hurley knew him from the taxicab. His body is gone, we don't know where. Has it been reduced to the white ash which Ilana scoops up from the fire pit? Will he rise again? Has he claimed Sayid?


Immediately after we learn from Ilana that Flock is "recruiting," we see him go to awyer, who is drunk and listening to Iggy Pop's Search & Destroy (thanks to co-worker Kelly Good for doing this bit of research for me). I'm taking it as another clue. This searcher is also the destroyer (was also fun to see our old motif of a spinning record again. Come to think of it Sawyer, also mentioned the words "time travel," and we did see what appeared to be a time-skipping Kid Jacob running around. Are all these instances there to suggest how it is that Jacob might be appearing now? He continues to have control over time (this would score one for those who think he is the God/Christ character, the Creator/Architect/Watchmaker of the universe), and can jump from groove to groove on the spinning record?).

Flocke actually goes out of his way to lecture James on this never being his house. He "just lived here for a while." He's rather possessive of this place he disdains so much and refers to as a prison. Yet it's HIS. With every phrase now this character strikes me as more and more like the Dev-il. He's e-vil. By contrast, it seems like a God-type might say, "This IS your home. I made it for you. Enjoy it, subdue it, be fruitful and multiply."

Sawyer knew instantly that this guy isn't Locke, "because Locke was scared." Apparently, Sawyer isn't scared either of hanging out with an entity who is "dead... or time-travelin'... or the Ghost of Christmas past."

Flocke does admit he reads books. But Steinbeck was "after his time." He, like Richard and Jacob, are way old. Perhaps ancient. Safe to assume that he and Jacob at least date to the days of the ancient Egyptians from things we've seen associated with them.

Good thing Sawyer doesn't shoot him! Flocke almost dares him to. I was kinda wanting to see it all go down, too, even though I love Sawyer. Admit it, you were too.

When Ben asked what Smokey was, he said he was a who. When Sawyer asks what he is, he says "trapped." Very Devil-like. "I don't even remember what it feels like to be free." Is this why he begrudges the humans and their free will?

Says he used to be a man pre-trapping, just like you. Joy, pain, anger, fear, betrayal. To lose someone you love. He's pushing all the right buttons with Sawyer, whether he's telling the truth about his history or lying. I just so don't want to see Sawyer join up with the Dark Side.

Flocke promises to see Richard "sooner than you think." Meaning? What was this line here for? Suggestion that an attack on the Temple is imminent?