My 6 Favorite Theorized Endings


It will probably end up being either none of the below, or some conglomeration of all of the below.


  1. It Was All a Game.  In which the MiB and Jacob turn out to just be playing a game, or higher powers even above them are playing a game with humanity. We've certainly seen enough of this theme, the black-and-white motif, and actual game play throughout the series to make it plausible.
  2. This Place is Death.  After "Everybody Loves Hugo," I wrote the following: "Now that we know what the Whispers are, I'm working off a theory that jives literally with Charlotte's line and episode from Season Five - ‘This place is death!' Consider: it holds in hell. It houses purgatory. Ghosts, zombies. The blast door map referred to the Smoke Monster as ‘Cerberus.' The island is talked about as a being, just as Death is often personified. It's also spoken of by Flocke and Desmond as ‘having it in for us all,' just as Death waits for us all. It is referred to as the cork in the bottle of hell, and a ‘God-forsaken rock.'" There is much speculation that there are several deaths yet to occur. Perhaps the entire story is a metaphor for the afterlife.
  3. (God is) Love.  I also refer to this one as the Kum-ba-yah Coffee Shop Ending. After "The Substitute" when Flocke presented three choices to James at the cave, I wrote, "The metaphor being used is that The Island is as The Earth - is it special? Or just a blue island in the ocean of space? Are there forces vying for spiritual control of it, or nothing at all out there? In the end, you can only believe and choose, and you must believe and choose. From there, your path is laid before you, as it would appear it now is for Sawyer. What ultimately will save him? I believe the same thing that saves us all, and would seem to suggest there IS meaning - love. His capacity to love, and that he is loved by others." This idea gained some validity with the preaching of Charlie the Baptist, who has his own visions of the lovely Claire, and put Desmond on track to finding his muse Penny. We already expect Sawyer and Juliet to find each other again. Will love ultimately save them all, as they all meet up with their soulmates over java on the corner of Sweetzer and Melrose?
  4. Jack's Eye.  This is the "reboot" theory, the one that believes everything has happened before, and everything will happen again. The show began with a close-up of Jack's eye in the jungle, and that's how it will end as everything starts over again. There are time loops involved. Constants and variables continue to make everything look the same but different from the iterations we've already seen. Several odd quotes from earlier seasons come into play here, such as Sawyer telling Kate that he made his birthday wish for her to jump him "four years ago," and Jack telling Kate he wasn't "going to let Ethan do this [to Charlie and Claire]. Not again."
  5. Hurley's Head.  This is the theory that believes the producers flat-out told us what was going on in the episode "Dave." There is a psychological experiment being conducted in Santa Rosa in which either all the characters are in Hurley's mind (kinda like the movie Identity ("identity" in intself being an interesting theme on the show, with so many characters having nicknames, aliases, or biologically disassociative names)), or all the characters are also inmates at Santa Rosa or some other scientific facility, and are part of some collective consciousness experiment. The replayed motifs of eyes opening and closing, various levels of consciousness, mind-altering substances, and arriving to the island via heavy turbulence and wanting to be knocked out during the journey all lend credence.
  6. The New Jacob.  This theory has some similarities to the Jack's Eye theory, in that it involves a reboot, but this one involves something more like a final scene in which Jack and Locke have a conversation on the beach identical to the one Jacob and the MiB have in the Season Five finale. Jack is the new Jacob. The MiB remains in Locke's form. Someone (Kate maybe?) is the new Richard. There is a new Temple master (Hurley?) too. Everyone else? They're either in the new Others or dead or went back home never to speak of this place again. Regarding this possible ending, my boss started this brief conversation earlier this week:
    Steve: I don't see how the "next Jacob" could be anyone but Jack. Nobody else really works. This series is going to end with Jack and Locke sitting on the beach just like Jacob and MiB.
    Shawn: I haven't allowed myself yet to totally accept there is going to be a next Jacob. Because that would assume the circle starting again, which is precisely what MiB whines always happens, but which Jacob once told him would cease happening once enough progress occurred. So I'm holding out hope it ends romantically in a coffee shop. :-)
    Chad: I'd suggest that being a candidate to replace Jacob does not necessarily mean that someone directly takes Jacob's role opposite MIB and the exact cycle starts over. It could well mean they do / accomplish something that makes Jacob's role no longer necessary (i.e. the final defeat of MIB). Think "Substitute" rather than "replacement." In the same way that Jesus took the place of all the sacrifices and ceremonial laws the Jews labored under and created a new covenant, this will not be a mere replacement of the old but something new altogether. This idea brings into harmony that there will be a replacement for Jacob and Jacob's statement that it only takes one time for it to be different [and it will end]...