Given the fact that it is not Roman Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox, or Protestant, one can naturally extrapolate that Mormonism is not Christian. And that is something most apparent when one looks at the various doctrines advanced by Mormonism, which at almost every turn, conflict with the basic, foundational teachings of Christianity. This is a landmark decision that will have implications.

How will Mormons respond?
How will Mormons categorize themselves?
How will Mormons be viewed by the rest of society?

A Christian is not merely someone who holds a healthy respect and affinity for the historical person of Jesus Christ. Nor is a Christian someone who simply acts lovingly, gives generously, or behaves graciously. A "Christian" is someone who embraces as their lord and Savior the Jesus of the Bible. This court ruling shows that the Mormon Jesus and declaration of faith is not consistent with the Jesus and declaration of faith found within Protestantism.

R. Abanes

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