Keeping it short and sweet this week.  Just like the Travelocity roaming gnome (who I assume is sweet … I mean, if he were animate and all).  So here's my week-at-a-glance, commentary blog-chart for the latest episode of The Amazing Race:

START > From Stockholm, Sweden, teams must travel to Tallinn, Estonia, by ferry (a 16-hour ride on the Baltic Sea).  Cabins are small (like a "living in 100 sq. feet" studio set-up at Ikea), but the stow-away bunks are pretty cool.

MEDIEVAL TIMES > Upon arriving in Estonia, a Road Block informs teams that they must find the right key (in their jam-packed key rings they are given) to open the door of a building called Mustpeade—a lair to some secret Medieval brotherhood where a group of chain-mailed men are carrying away in a darkened room (perhaps the very first man cave?) while sword-fighting, ale-swigging and mandolin-strumming.  Teams must find a candelabra (or as Team Father & Son's Matt called it, "a candle-uh-BRAH") on a table and take it.  Each candelabra has a number on it which corresponds with a room number in the building.  Once teams find the right room, they are presented with a scroll on a table which also has a candle and a crayon lying next to it.  The message on the scroll appears to be blank, but if teams figure out that they must hold it up over candlelight then the message will appear.  Some teams think they should color lightly over the scroll (like those childhood books you would trace over with your pencil and then pictures would appear) and that the message will be revealed in this way. Eventually, each team figures out that the candlelight is the key to finding the message.

ROAD BUMP > Remember last week, when Team Father & Son came in last place and were not eliminated but were told they'd face a Road Bump this week?  Well, here you go.  In front of Mustpeade, a box with the clue for the Road Bump informs them that before they get their Medieval on, they must find a Saunabuss (basically just a city bus with a sauna room inside), strip down and take a five-minute sauna with a group of locals.  Hopefully, they can make up the lost time and snap back to it after they're done chillaxin.

MUD OR VEGGIES > Meanwhile, the other teams all decipher their scrolls' hidden messages which direct them to Pink Hermann Tower Gardens (a castle-ish looking structure with a tower in some gardens).  Once teams arrive at this area, they receive a Detour.  They're directed toward wetlands in the Estonian countryside, where they must choose between "Serve" or "Sling."  In Sling, they have to slog around in knee-deep mud while playing volleyball against a local team.  Five points must be scored to earn the next clue.  In Sling, teams use a slingshot with various small, round vegetables in order to hit a moose target (a small road sign with a moose illustration on it).  When they make a direct hit, the table below the target will be triggered to collapse and dump a pile of vegetables on the ground.  All teams but one choose Serve.

MUD > Of course, Team All American has had some v-ball experience, so they have no trouble reaching five points in a short amount of time.  They're the first team to receive the final clue to head to Keava Raba Overlook Tower (visible from the v-ball area and just a short jog away) which is their final pit stop for this leg of the race and where host Phil Keoghan will reveal their standings at the check-in mat.  Three teams then arrive at the v-ball challenge at about the same time:  Team Globetrotter, Team Bro and Team Jungle Fever.  But the brothers' teams got there first, and only two teams can play v-ball at the same time.  So Team Jungle Fever is forced to switch to slinging some veggies instead of waiting to play v-ball.

VEGGIES > Team Jungle Fever doesn't take too long to hit their target and see the pile of (what looks like) cabbages fall to the ground.  Team Father & Son arrive later and choose the Sling task and are also able to hit the target fairly quickly.  But apparently not quickly enough …

CHECK-IN MAT > While probably expected by most viewers at this point, Team All American reclaims their first-place status this week and Team Father & Son has come in last (again), but this time has been eliminated.  That leaves three other teams still in the mix, and the standings are as follows:

1st:  Team All American (Meghan and Cheyne)
2nd:  Team Bro (Sam and Dan)
3rd:  Team Globetrotter (Nathaniel and Herbert)
4th:  Team Jungle Fever (Brian and Ericka)

Next week, we're told the teams will be in Prague.  "Flight Time serenades and Sam and Dan get sneaky."  Until then, keep it simply amazing and keep watching The Amazing Race.  See you next week!


The Amazing Race airs on CBS on Sunday nights at 8/7 Central.  Plan your schedule accordingly.

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