OF LEGEND AND LAGER … Once reaching Charles Bridge, teams received their choice of DETOURS:  Legend or Lager.  Legend required teams to cover a monstrous gollum form with clay, then transport the heavy figure (on foot) across busy intersections of the city (up and over curbs and all) to another synagogue.  If the rabbi was satisfied with their work, he would give them their next clue.  It's a wonder Team Bro ever made it through this challenge, though, with all of their "shut up's" and bickering and mini meltdowns.  Their gollum even fell at one point, cracking an arm, and frequently the brothers would be stopped in the middle of streets with their teetering gollum while arguing about the best way to transport it to the synagogue.  I thought for sure they would be passed up, eliminated or (gulp) maybe clipped by a passing motorist.

Lager required teams to transport 30 glasses of beer on round serving trays, while walking through cobble-stoned city streets amidst drunken groups of people who might try to swipe at a glass—and Czech people drink more beer per capita than anywhere in the world, we're told—from one pub to another.  Team All American and Team Bro chose Legend, while Team Jungle Fever chose Lager.  Meanwhile, Team Globetrotter was still on their four-hour break (penalty).  Zzzzzzzzzz.

BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER … The first three teams to complete Legend or Lager and arrive at the check-in mat at Strelecky Ostrov—an island of sorts next to Charles Bridge—were greeted by host Phil Keoghan and congratulated for making it to the final three. 

So, after all of that, our current standings are as follows:

1st:  Team All American (Meghan and Cheyne)
2nd:  Team Bro (Sam and Dan)
3rd:  Team Jungle Fever (Brian and Ericka)

Team Globetrotter's decision to take the penalty was a foul move from the get-go and the basket-ballers weren't able to make up a four-hour discrepancy.  In fact, after their time period was up at the museum, they were instructed to just go straight to the final pit stop (the other teams had long since checked in).

Next week, we're told this for the season finale:  "In high-rolling Las Vegas, teams put it all on the line, experience the highs, the lows and ‘The King.'  Who will cross the finish line first and win one million dollars?"

It's anyone's guess at this point.  Will Team All American clinch what looks like sure victory?  Will Team Bro use their bickering to fuel their way to the top?  Or will Team Jungle Fever come from behind and outdo them all with winning colors?

Who knows!  But until then, keep it simply amazing.  And keep watching The Amazing Race.  See you next week!


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