More Meaningful (and double-meaningful)

Amazingly, none that I didn't already list in another section. 


Hurley won ping-pong fair and square, but he nonethless "comes to bring back some of your stuff. 'Cause I know you're the kinda guy that needs stuff."

Claire used to be a goth girl, with black hair and the attitude to match. Apparently she was saying some pretty mean things to her mom in the car at the moment of their accident. She used to work in a piercing and tattoo parlor, which is of mild interest since this disc is bookended by one episode in which Jack gets his tattoos, and another in which his half-sister gives them.

Opening & Closing

3.9 Open - Canoe on the ocean between islands. Sawyer sings "Show me the Way to Go Home."
3.10 Open - Jambox plays tunes, a curly-headed kid in a Latino neighborhood sets out tools and pops the hood on a red Camaro.
3.11 Open - Shot into Sawyer's tent, then out, to see him walking along the beach.
3.12 Open - Claire's eye opens. She has black hair. She's regaining consciousness following a car accident. Her mother's gone through the windshield.

3.9 Close - Jack and Juliet on a nighttime boat crossing looking at each other. Is Jack actually smiling?
3.10 Close - Rousseau's face, hopeful but not daring to hope too much, when Kate tells her about how Alex helped her escape.
3.11 Close - Flame blows up, Sayid and the cat give each other one last stare in the bushes, Sayid turns to go.
3.12 Close - Barracks. Jack runs hard straight at Kate's concealed position, but he's just running a football pattern. Tom passes to him. Kate's and Locke's faces go, "What the... ?" Jack, obviously having fun, spikes the football.

Probably Unimportant, But I've Always Wondered...

Sawyer's confused about what became of the hatch, as is the audience. How could they have found a ping-pong table from it if the hatch "collapsed," or imploded? So did it implode or "explode" (the term Hurley uses)? Hurley answers Sawyer's confusion with: "Look dude, all I know is the sky turned purple. After that I don't ask questions." In other words, crazy people like me, please stop being nerds and just watch the show. You'll know when something's important, like the purple sky.

More references to Hurley's weight not changing. Hurley says he doesn't ask questions anymore, just makes himself a salad and moves on. "Yeah, I can see that's working for you," says Sawyer.

"The computer said if there was an incursion by the Hostiles I should enter 77. So I entered 77." I'm sure it's coincidence (or is it fate?), that in Season Five several of our characters will again "enter (19)77."

How do migratory birds find this island if nobody else can? Does the mysterious impenetrable invisible dome not apply to them? I would have liked the story more if instead of this story line, someone had at some point made a seemingly-throwaway comment early on along the lines of, "You know, why are there no migratory birds ever flying by?"