Hurley told Locke the story of what happened in the Looking Glass, and what Charlie wrote. They both agree -- Jack never should have called for help. But Hurley knows it's gonna be hard to talk Jack out of any other possibility but rescue from the freighter. Locke says they have to try, lest Charlie died for nothing.

The Meeting at the Cockpit

  • Hurley's group plus Locke meets Jack's group in the night next to the 815 cockpit in the jungle
  • Sayid hasn't gotten to yell at Locke yet for blowing up the sub, so he takes the opportunity now
  • Who will be the one to tell Claire? Hurley does it.
  • Faction Time - People split into the Jack group of wanting to seek rescue, and the Locke camp of staying put.
  • Jack blindsides Locke, hits him, takes his gun... and shoots him. No ammo, though. Locke can't believe he actually did it. Nor can I. Guy's got blinders on, though. Jack and Kate are staring holes through Locke as he tries to say Naomi isn't who she said. Hugo defends him as "not crazy" because of how the last act of his friend Charlie's life was to change his mind, and warn everyone that the boat people were liars. Why this doesn't sway EVERYONE to join Locke, I don't know. I guess, like Rose, they just can't get over the image of a knife being thrown into the back of a woman one doesn't even know. But Rose of all people SHOULD knwo that Locke knows some stuff on this island. She wants no part of "that man," though.
  • Going with Locke: Hurley, Sawyer, Claire, Rousseau, Ben, Alex, Karl, several redshirts. "You know where to find us... WHEN you change your mind." -- Locke. The concept of change, and changing minds, has been brought up much lately. Related to repentance? Seeing things from a bigger perspective and admitting guilt?
  • Kate doesn't understand why Sawyer is going with Locke, who she thinks is a total nut job. He says he's doing what he always has done - surviving.

Jack and Kate are thinking about the past when they hear a helicopter and see someone parachute out of it. DANIEL FARADAY! He claims he's there to rescue them (lie), but is straight about his name and how many were on the helicopter, and that he doesn't know where the other three are right now. Jack lets Daniel use the sat phone they got from Naomi to call Minkowski, who wants to have a private convo with Dan. When his back is turned, Kate and Jack notice he is carrying a gun, but they offer to help him find his missing people anyway.

Locke is back to being a weatherman. As his followers huddle under a tree, he does his grinnin-in-the-rain with arms open wide thing again. He tells Hugo it's about to pass, which Hurley thinks is crazy because it's a monsoon, but instantly the rain lets up. Since they can't make a beeline for the barracks but have to - because Locke says - stop by the cabin first, Sawyer wants to ask Locke questions. He - and we - learn that Taller Ghost Walt told him he had to stop Naomi (who Locke had never met or seen before) from bringing her people there. Locke accepted this at face value because Walt "saved his life." We can infer that there is at least one force on the island that validates everything Ben has been saying - don't let the boat people come here.

Sayid asks Juliet why Ben would appear to be so worried about the freighter folk. Her answer: because he's lying, or because he's telling the truth. Thanks, that's helpful. But it's true!

Jack finds a box that was tossed out of the helicopter. In it there are gasmasks. Between those and the gun Dan's carrying, Jack and Kate have some questions. It's making Faraday uncomfortable enough to admit that "rescuing you - can't really say that's our primary objective." Just then, he locates Miles' signal on the sat phone. When they find Miles, he's pretending to be dead so he can get the drop on them with his gun. When he hears Kate's name, he demands to know where Naomi - "the woman you killed" - is. Dan protests that Jack and Kate are "good people" (not that old chestnut). Miles informs us that when Naomi said, "Tell my sister I love her," that was their code for being killed or threatened. Miles demands to be taken to Naomi's body. Nobody understands why he says he will know from that what happened to her and what the truth is, but he insists he'll know.