Hurley has two parting shots: 1) He's sorry he went with Locke rather than Jack. 2) He thinks they shouldn't have left, and the island wants them to come back. Jack shouts him down on this point.

As Daniel Faraday watches news coverage of the 815 crash site, he's visibly upset - shaking, breathing shallow, almost crying - but he doesn't know why.

Miles pulls up to a house in Inglewood, CA. He's listening to radio reports about Oceanic 815 being "found." There were 324 bodies on board, and a salvage mission is unlikely (because of the depth). So all on board are now "confirmed dead." This information coming the very minute we first meet Miles associates him in some way with the theme of death. Miles gets a briefcase out of his trunk and visits the home of a "Mrs. Gardner." On her wall, the camera pauses on a photo of a young black male in a wooden frame. The man is Gardner's grandson, an apparent drug dealer who was murdered and is now haunting his bedroom. Miles uses a machine that looks like a retrofitted Dirt Devil vacuum with a spinning wheel on the front. My guess is that the noise it makes is irritating to spirits, who Miles then talks to. Either that, or the noise of it is what helps Miles achieve his trance. In any case, what happens in the room - the noises we hear, the hidden secret stash Miles finds - would convince us... he sees dead people.

Charlotte bribes her way onto a dig in the middle of the Tunisian Sahara. A polar bear skeleton has been excavated! And Charlotte - knowing it would be there - digs down a little deeper and unearths its collar... which has the Dharma Hydra station symbol on it!

Frank lives in the Bahamas, running an "island travel and tours" business. He's not sure all is right with this 815 crash site. He uses a toy airplane (haven't seen one of those in a while) in his fish tank to test how it would sink and then appear on the sea floor. When he sees the camera footage of the wreck, he's convinced it's a fraud, because he knew the Pilot (Seth Norris (interesting name - biblically, Seth was a son of Adam & Eve)), and Seth never took off his wedding ring. Whoever's in the pilot's seat in the wreck has no ring. Frank tells this to the "National Transportation Safety Board, Oceanic Hotline." Lapidus was the schedule pilot for 815 that day. He's obviously not an Oceanic pilot any more, so how much time has passed between then and now? Did it really happen that in just 3 months Frank quit his job as a pilot, moved to the Bahamas, set up his business, and grew that uber-beard?

Naomi was recruited to lead this team by Matthew Abbadon. Naomi is apparently highly trained and skilled, but she doesn't like that none of the other 4 on her team are. She wants to know what to do if they find 815 Survivors. Abbadon won't have any of that. He drills into her head that "There WERE no survivors." Naomi's Mission - get this team in, get them out, prevent anyone from getting killed (this is probably so Dan & Charlotte can neutralize the Tempest, Miles can find out any secrets, Frank can fly them in and out, and all will be clear for Keamy's team to take over and secure the island for Widmore).

Sayid? Golfing? In the Seychelles? They mention how private it is out there, and make a friendly wager. When the man finds out Sayid's name and that he is one of the Oceanic Six, he becomes extremely nervous, his carefree demeanor gone. Soon, he is too.

Sayid meets Elsa. Each of them has been set up to meet each other, not being wise to the other. He identifies himself as a headhunter (and we have a good laugh). She says her employer is an "economist, who works in emerging markets." He's only in Berlin once or twice a year, but if he pages her, she better come a runnin. She thinks she knows Sayid from somewhere.