Note: This blog is counting down to the premiere of LOST's final season on Feb. 2 by spending the month leading up to it racing through every one of the previous 103 episodes. We're looking specifically at Christian/religious themes, other important or interesting concepts, literary references, and the theory that it's largely been about a game in which someone has won, and someone has... LOST. To follow us from the start, click here.

"We all know the story. If we get any questions that we don't want to answer, or that we can't answer, let's just keep our mouths shut."

So, is the above quote from Jack Shephard rallying his O6 troops around the really cool lie they get to tell, or is it what Carlton, Damon, & Friends say to each other before Comic Con every year?

Since nobody's going to tell us (everyone's in on The Big Lie, man! It's a conspiracy!), let's see if we can uncover some answers - and the questions that go before them - ourselves.

LOST Season Four, Disc Four: Checkmate, Mr. Eko


Things That Stuck Out


The beach group debates whether it was their friends in the helicopter. If they were, why didn't they land? If they weren't, who threw out the sat phone tracker? Daniel punches in a code where he can listen to any conversation. Keamy has Frank put it down five clicks from the Orchid. Juliet doesn't know this station. Daniel does... and after consulting his journal, he is freaked out. "We have to get off this island... right now," he tells Charlotte. Why though? What real danger would there be to being on the island when moved if it's done properly?

When Kate and Jack meet Sawyer and Miles on their way to the beach, Sawyer lets them know that Keamy's crew attacked the barracks and tried to kill them all... just like Locke predicted. Still, Jack is going after the chopper because it's the only way off the island (he doesn't know about the Zodiac yet) and because he feels responsible for Desmond and Sayid. Sawyer goes with him, saying, "You don't get to die alone." Kate does NOT like being left behind because of the bundle of responsibility she's holding. So at the beach, she hands off Aaron to Sun and takes Sayid to find Jack and Sawyer.

Hurley, Ben and Locke head to the Orchid to move the island. Hugo wants to know why they didn't do it earlier. Good question, but, "It's both dangerous and unpredictable," Ben says. Apparently, they also need to get permission from Jacob or his spokespeople first.

Ben stops at some rocks, out from under which he pulls a box. Crackers for Hurley, binoculars for Locke, and a mirror for Ben, with which he signals some unseen Others on the hillside... and gets a reply. He "always has a plan," he tells Locke. And apparently, his people still listen to him.

Hurley has another great question - if they move the island, won't Keamy move with it? Ben's working on that he says. Locke tells Hugo it's too late to get off the island, even though we know he does (Locke still doesn't know everything, including what it's too LATE for).

Widmore knows what the Orchid is and that Ben and Locke needs what's inside. Oh? says Locke. I thought you had no idea why Widmore wanted the island. "I wasn't being entirely truthful," admits Ben. No duh.

With the boat's engines fixed, Desmond and the first mate try to head for the island, but the fathometer has interference from some signal (Keamy's death timer). It prevents them from getting close, as they can't see the bottom.

Jack and Sawyer find Lapidus - who is handcuffed to the chopper. He dropped the sat phone so they could find him and he could fly them outta here.