Note: This blog is counting down to the premiere of LOST's final season on Feb. 2 by spending the month leading up to it racing through every one of the previous 103 episodes. We're looking specifically at Christian/religious themes, other important or interesting concepts, literary references, and the theory that it's largely been about a game in which someone has won, and someone has... LOST. To follow us from the start, click here.

All these time skips - there is almost always something significant to see in each one. Either someone has just arrived to the island in one way shape or form, or something is there that wasn't always there. So are the skips really random? Most of them seem confined to a nice tidy period of time in the 2000s. Considering how many years of history there are to leap to, that's rather convenient and against the odds.

But that's the crux of the whole show, is it not? Events being random, but maybe not so much on second thought? Strange coincidences... or are they more purposed and meaningful? Are people and events connected, or not? Will the big things still happen the same way they did the first time around no matter how many variables are different, such as finding five of our protagonists stuck in the '70s? Let's find out.

LOST Season Five, Disc Two: We Are Just the Pieces

Episodes: 5.4 THE LITTLE PRINCE (Kate-centric); 5.5 THIS PLACE IS DEATH (Jin & Sun-centric); 5.6 316 (Jack-centric); 5.7 THE LIFE AND DEATH OF JEREMY BENTHAM (Locke-centric)

Things That Stuck Out


Jack Shephard wakes up in the same way in the same spot as he did in 2004/Season One. This time, it's 1977, and he runs toward the lagoon instead of the beach. The way he arrives - being "flashed in" rather than crashing here - makes me think the same exact thing also happened to Jack the first time, considering it's the same spot, and considering he told Kate in Season One he "blacked out" during the crash, and he was the only one to wake up deep into the jungle. Everyone else from his section of the plane was right on the beach. This does fit into a time-loop theory, suggesting perhaps Jack has been to this island multiple times, or that there have been several iterations of similar events as part of the past and the future.

Instead of a bottle of alcohol this time, Jack sees that he is holding a scrap of a torn note with the words "I wish" visible. Hurley is in the lagoon... with a guitar case. Jack dives him, pulls him to shore, where Kate is laying. They both seems amazed that "it worked? We're back?" Though they don't know what happened, or how. Why did Hurley bring the guitar? As homage to Charlie? Except we knew that Charlie had to gate-check his the first time around.

Kate wants to know where the plane is. Sure, the last time she crashed, there was wreckage. But none of them remember crashing (neither did Jack from 815). Where is Sayid? And Sun?

Jin, in his blue Dharma vehicle, finds Hurley, Jack, and Kate! But we have to wait to the next disc to learn their fate.


It would appear that our group has skipped to the time when Danielle Rousseau's ship wrecked (they sailed from Tahiti 11/15/88).

As Juliet becomes the most recent time skipper to suffer a nosebleed, Charlotte notices they have come ashore near the site of a wreckage. Locke sees a canister that says "besixdouze," which is both the name of Danielle's boat and the asteroid (B-612) the title character lives on in The Little Prince.

The French survivors of the Besixdouze crash float in an octagonal rescue raft. They spy a man floating face down on some flotsam. It's Jin! Apparently he was within the radius and has been time skipping around for the last couple days just like our other six.