Jack calls Ben from a payphone at the Marina, bloodied and beaten. Apparently his assassination attempt didn't go so well. He needs Jack to pick up Locke at Simon's Butcher Shop. Jack does so, puts the shoes on Locke, and puts the suicide note into the casket with him. "I've already heard everything I need to hear you say."

As Jack is at the ticket counter, he meets Cesar, and sees Kate. Sun is behind him at security, where they see Sayid - in cuffs - led by Ilana. Hurley's the first to the gate, reading another Spanish comic book ("Y, the Last Man"). Hurley won't let any standy-bys on board, having bought all 78 open seats. It's quite a thoughtful gesture, really. Ben runs for the flight at the last minute - like Hurley did for 815.

Hurley is not happy to see Ben board the plane. Jack tries to calm him. Says it's got to be this way (why, again?).

Hurley: Nobody told me he was gonna be here.
Ben [knowingly]: Who told you to be here, Hugo?

Flight attendant gives Jack his letter from Locke again. They found it unopened while securing the casket.

Jack is becoming a believer, Kate not so much. He finds fate in Hurley and Sayid being there, and all of them being on the same flight (not so long ago, he argued with Locke in St. Sebastian's from the other side of the table in the fate/probability debate). She finds coincidence, and says just because they're on the same flight doesn't mean they're "together." She's being awfully cold for a woman who just lustily attacked this man 12 hours ago. But Kate might just start getting a little closer to belief when the captain addresses the plane... and it's LAPIDUS. Jack goes to request a word with the pilot. When Frank sees who else is on board his plane, he delivers one of my favorite lines + facial expressions in the whole series: "We're not going to Guam, are we?"

"Jack, I wish you had believed me. JL." After Jack reads Locke's suicide note, the plane starts shaking, and there's a flash just like the time-skip flashes we've seen on the island.

LATE 2007?

It would appear that our group has skipped to a time when the beach camp is there but in ruins, and shortly after the Ajira 316 crash occurred. Locke even finds Vincent's old leash there - a good sign he survived the flaming arrow attack.

Whatever time we flash to, Locke and Sawyer quiz each other on how they both respectively knew "when" they were during the 11/1/04 flash.

Daniel has a theory that the temporal sickness has to do with "duration of exposure." Miles, though, doesn't think he's ever been there before, thinks the 815ers were here much longer than him. "Are you sure about that?" asks Daniel.

The Zodiac is gone. Who took it? There are two outriggers there, one with an Ajira airlines bottle in it. Locke, Juliet, Sawyer, Miles, Charlotte and Daniel take one of them to paddle around the island toward the Orchid. The second canoe has given chase, and starts firing at them. Who could it be that would start shooting without knowing who they are shooting at? Juliet says it's not the Others, asks Miles if it's his people, which it can't be either. 316ers most likely. My theory is Bram and Ilana's crew.

Cesar has found the Hyrda Island office that used to be Ben's, the one where Juliet was questioned by the Sheriff of the Others. Clearly Ajira 316 has crashed on that island, and he's exploring it. He finds some old copies of LIFE magazine, some maps of the island, and something that looks like copies of Faraday's notes. Under a desk he finds a gun, which he takes. Ilana comes in - they know each other - asks if he's found anything. She and Roxanne came across a man, in a suit, standing in the water. The man was not on the plane, and he wasn't "one of the ones who just disappeared."